Welcome to Interbyte Global

Founded in 1990 as a computer technology export and sourcing company, Interbyte's strategy and activities evolved to those similar to a (senmon-shosha), a Japanese trading firm with expertise in the international business of specific industries.  Since formation, Interbyte has developed a unique range of experience, in the Technology, Scientific, Aerospace, Military and Energy industries.

For companies looking to source technology products Interbyte Technology offers a simplified and quality driven 'One-Stop' import process.  Foreign government agencies and larger companies can consolidate many purchases into one.  This reduces risk and the time consuming process of managing multiple purchase orders.

Global trade is becoming increasingly complex.  To keep ahead of the constant changes in financial, logistical and regulatory concerns, Interbyte offers a range of services for those requiring exporting or importing services, whether based in the U.S. or overseas. Since 1990, we has stayed ahead of changes in the global trade industry, so our clients can avoid the time consuming, risky and costly logistical issues surrounding exporting and importing.

We primarily assist foreign government agencies and larger companies. Incrementally, we help manufacturers, distributors and importers with sourcing, procurement and logistics expertise by an expedited and simplified process.