Global trade is becoming increasingly complex.  To keep ahead of the constant changes in financial, logistical and regulatory concerns, Interbyte offers a range of services for those requiring exporting or importing services, whether based in the U.S. or overseas.

In twenty years of operation, Interbyte Scientific has stayed ahead of changes in the global trade industry, so our clients can avoid the time consuming, risky and costly logistical issues surrounding exporting and importing.

Interbyte Scientific specializes in sourcing and delivering a large selection of scientific products to foreign clients, using a 'One-Stop' purchase order consolidation process to save clients time and money.

We will inspect the products and verify all shipments to ensure they have all necessary documentation and certifications.  We have experience with shipping products that required additional export licenses and/or HAZMAT shipping conditions. Many shipments are of sensitive nature (dry ice, wet ice, HAZMAT, perishable, special handling) and costly, so it is imperative not only to get a fair price but also relable and specialized shiping and technical service.

Contact info@interbyte.com, or call +1 512 342 0090 for further information.

Scientific products we supply includes (but is not limited to):
Chromatography and Filtration
Precision Instruments
Laboratory Animal Science products
Laboratory instruments
Laboratory supplies
Life Sciences products
Safety supplies