50830 Cabco Industries, Inc.
50857 Dionics, Inc.
50870 Associated Industries
50923 Thermal Equipment Corp.
51086 Computer Conversions Corp.
51090 Barnes Aerospace Advanced Fabricators
Div., West Chester
51190 Aeroflex Inc.
51212 Bomco, Inc.
51226 Associated Aerospace Activities, Inc.
51290 ESSCO
51294 UniWest
51314 Aviation Technology, Inc.
51327 Zetec, Inc.
51351 Comant Industries
51418 Brook Park Laboratories, Inc.
51439 Fatigue Technology, Inc.
51593 MicroMo Electronics, Inc.
51663 Lear Romec/Crane Aerospace & Electronics
51679 Titan Tool Supply, Inc.
51702 Lumitron Corp.
51744 Beta Fluid Systems, LLC
51761 CDA InterCorp.
51774 Q-Tech Corp.
51791 Statek Corp.
51826 Habco, Inc.
51896 Spectralux Corp.
51906 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
51913 Walker Power Systems, Inc.
51998 Propulsion Systems
51998 Goodrich Corp., Aircraft Interior Products
51A81 Turbine Power Support, LLC
51DV4 Sol Aviation, Inc.
52025 Siemens Airfield Solutions
52054 Coast Metal Craft, Inc.
52151 Continental Electronics Corp.
52303 Aero Info, Inc.
52333 API Electronics, Inc.
52369 United Drill Bushing Corp.
52452 Microtech, Inc.
52497 FXC Corp.
52512 Astra Products Co., Inc.
52515 Alturair
52515 Alturdyne
52539 ESL ElectroScience
52607 Actron Manufacturing, Inc.
52677 Douglas Machine & Tool Co., Inc.
52681 PCB Piezotronics, Inc.
52713 Pacific Precision Products
52727 Emergency Beacon Corp.
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52743 Euless Aero Components Inc.
52750 Alan Industries, Inc.
52767 Fortner Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.
52769 Sprague-Goodman Electronics, Inc.
52791 Tecom Industries, Inc.
52793 CIGNYS
52797 Scientific Technologies, Inc.
52814 Tech-Etch, Inc.
52828 Republic Fastener Mfg. Corp.
52853 AEROGO, Inc.
52905 Simplex Manufacturing Co.
52A56 The McCabe Group, LLC
53037 H.C. Pacific
53080 United Ring & Seal, Inc.
53117 PPG Industries, Inc., Glass Business Unit,
Aircraft Products
53117 PPG Industries Inc., Aircraft Products, Prist
53126 Wilcoxon Research, Inc.
53159 Custom Hydraulic & Machine Inc.
53262 Litebeams, Inc.
53263 Sector Microwave Industries
53263 Sector Microwave Industries Inc.
53317 Control Sciences, Inc.
53370 Skyline Products, Inc.
53424 Cunico Corp.
53449 ALU Menziken Aerospace-AUC
53551 Allfast Fastening Systems, Inc.
53583 Hawker Pacific Aerospace
53655 AVOX Systems
53655 In-Services Europe (HQ)
53655 In-Services Asia Ltd.
53669 Delphi Corp.
53730 Westfield Hydraulics Inc.
53833 Draeger Safety Inc.
53912 Airtech International, Inc.
53924 Truline Industries, Inc.
53938 Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp.
53949 RCF Seals & Couplings, Inc.
53992 General Sealants, Inc.
54034 Strube, Inc.
54034 Aero Repair Services, Inc.
54071 Commercial Aircraft Products, LLC
54080 Applied Companies
54090 Aero Specialties Material Corp.
54174 Tavis Corp.
54181 Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials, Co.
54184 ARA, Inc.
54200 Mooney Airplane Co.
54207 Electroweave, Inc.
54213 Stewart & Stevenson LLC
54241 Myers/Abacus
54318 Astro-Med, Inc.
54395 Electromech Technologies
54422 Met One Instruments, Inc.
54443 Graphic Datakits International
54481 Russell/Conco Electronics Corp.
54487 Micronetics Wireless, Inc.
54489 Aerotech, Inc.
54505 Applied Test Systems, Inc.
54514 Frasca International, Inc.
54520 Aviatech Corp.
54526 Vibra-Metrics
54535 Paroscientific, Inc.
54547 Rotating Precision Mechanisms, Inc.
54572 SL Montevideo Technology, Inc.
54604 Taumel Assembly Systems
54630 Emery Winslow Scale Co.
54646 Clampco Products, Inc.
54679 Flowmetrics Inc.
54686 Seal Master Corp.
54709 Mod-A-Can
54751 Downing Heliport Systems, Inc.
54786 BAE Systems, Mobility & Protection Systems
54787 Thermal Structures, Inc.
54822 Silicon Sensors, LLc
54842 Mekel Technology, Inc.
54878 Rotair Industries, Inc.
54884 Hemisphere Air
54905 Amerex Corp.
54933 Aero Systems Engineering, Inc.
54956 Embraer Aviation International
54960 C.J. Instruments, Inc.
54960 Pace Transducer Co.
54964 Telatemp Corp.
55026 Simpson Electric Co.
55034 Metropolitan Aircraft Parts Inc.
55099 Interscan Corp.
55104 Tri-Star Electronics International, Inc.
55176 Air Parts & Supply Co.
55214 Beta Shim Co.
55217 General Magnaplate Corp.
55231 DuPont Vespel Parts & Shapes
55284 Honeywell Aerospace, Aircraft Landing
55300 Interface Displays & Controls, Inc.
55335 JKL Components Corp.
55345 Alamo Aircraft, Ltd.
55381 Quest Technologies Inc.,
55403 CAIG Laboratories
55469 Essex Precision Controls
55519 Superior Pneumatic & Manufacturing, Inc.
55561 Veam U.S.A.
55589 Industronics Service Co.
55635 Dayton-Granger, Inc.
55647 Kinetics Industries, Inc.
55723 Spectrum Associates, Inc.
55725 Ram Co.
55752 Parker Hannifin Corp., Racor Div.
55785 Micro Systems, Inc.
55807 Ervin Industries, Inc.
55827 DME Corp.
55864 AEC-Able Engineering Co., Inc.
55886 Controlled Motion Solutions, Inc.
55912 AVOX-EROS Services
55943 DJ Associates, Inc.
56081 Honeywell Cabin Management, Systems &
56135 C & D Aerospace
56172 Century Flight Systems, Inc.
56193 Wing Enterprises, Inc.
56219 Symmetricom
56221 Engineered Fabrics Corp.
56269 XKD/Aydin Displays
56278 Visual Instrumentation Corp.
56292 M-Systems
56309 Power-Sonic Corp.
56333 Continental Forge Co.
56529 Hydraulics International, Inc.
56535 Clyde Machines Inc.
56540 Associated Aircraft Manufacturing & Sales,
56563 Anixter Pentacon
56600 Guardian Parachute
56644 Aurora Bearing Co.
56672 Fuelmaster/Syn-Tech Systems, Inc.
56833 Brackett Aircraft Co., Inc.
56878 SPS Technologies, Aerospace Fasteners
56923 Powder Alloy Corp.
56958 The Young Engineers, Inc.
57008 DeCrane Aircraft Systems Integration Group
57152 Triumph Gear Systems - Macomb
57156 Aeroeletronica Industria de Componentes
Avionicos S.A.
57167 Dretloh Aircraft Supply, Inc.
57174 Radio Research Instrument Co., Inc.
57193 Netcom, Inc.
57225 Shields Co. Inc.
57349 Spectron Glass & Electronics, Inc.
57366 Wyman-Gordon Co.
57377 Barber-Nichols Inc.
57399 Eastern Aero Marine
57472 Harper Aerospace Fasteners
57550 Relli Technology Inc.
57606 PSI Bearings
57617 Lista International Corp.
57655 Nautel Maine Inc.
57730 Machida, Inc.
57810 Pan-A-Lite Products, Inc.
57817 Tactair Fluid Controls, Customer Support
57817 Tactair Fluid Controls Inc.
57821 Caplugs
57851 American Scientific Corp.
57929 Nelcote, Inc.
57983 Greer Industries Inc.
58009 Moeller Manufacturing & Supply Inc.
58060 Wilson Products, Inc.
58078 Airtronics, Inc.
58110 U.S. Industrial Tool & Supply
58147 Luchner-SD Tool Engineering, Inc.
58150 USATCO/U.S. Air Tool Co.
58164 Astro Tool Corp.
58192 Foxtronics, Inc.
58255 Kovatch Castings, Inc.
58272 Quality Material Inspection, Inc.
58328 Zwick Energy Research Organization, Inc.
58346 EMS
58376 De Vore Aviation Corp. of America
58401 United States Welding Corp.
58407 Flex-Lite, Inc.
58419 SICMA Aero Seat Services, Inc.
58471 Channel Products, Inc.
58474 Superior Electric
58507 Pointer, Inc.
58524 ESE
58556 Engine Components, Turbomachinery
Products (Engine Components)
58558 Systems West, Inc., ICS Electronics Div.
58568 Evac North America
58592 Parkway Products, Inc.
58599 Dynatech International Corp.
58614 Tyco Electronics
58625 Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.
58635 Forged Products Div.
58635 Quality Aluminum Forge
58657 Leach International Corp.
58730 Airborne Technologies, Inc.
58742 Lektro, Inc.
58774 Wamco, Inc.
58880 Vibro-Meter Inc.
58900 Giga-tronics Inc.
58910 Abbott Technologies, Inc.
58913 ECT, Inc.
58918 Aerospace Control Products, Inc.
58949 Taber Industries
58982 PCD Inc.
58984 PST Cylinders, LLC
58985 Aviarms Support Corp.
58998 Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc.
59014 Powertronic Systems, Inc.
59027 Meggitt Defense Systems, Inc.
59041 Physical Acoustics Corp.
59057 CMP Display Systems, Inc.
59088 Corru-Seals, Inc.
59154 Wilson Co.
59157 Loos & Co., Inc., Wire Rope Div.
59165 Norman Filter Co. L.L.C.
59202 U.E. Systems, Inc.
59364 Honeywell Aerospace, Engines, Systems &
Services, Tempe Operations
59369 Acousticom Corp.
59377 Microsemi Corp.-Colorado
59380 Hedland Flow Meters
59382 Aero-Craft Hydraulics, Inc.
59413 Instrument Tech Corp.
59501 Unison Industries
59505 Newport Scientific, Inc.
59603 Tronair, Inc.
59617 Plastic View A.T.C. Co. Inc.
59683 Blue Wave Ultrasonics
59736 Aerospace Engine Parts, Inc.
59736 Aerospace Products Co.
59742 Mid-Continent Instrument Co., Inc.
59742 Electric Gyro Corp.
59742 General Design
59747 Rexnord Aerospace Group, Coupling Div.
59750 Myonic Inc.
59835 Linseis Inc.
59869 Space Age Plastic Fabricators, Inc.
59875 Eaton Aerospace Fuel Systems
59885 Goodrich Sensor Systems (Sensors &
Integrated Systems)
59885 Sensors & Integrated Systems, Sensor
Systems (Sensors & Integrated Systems)
59905 UMBRA Cuscinetti, Inc.
59936 Intek, Inc.
59938 Optronic Laboratories, Inc.
5A023 D & O Engineering Co., Inc.
5A977 Aerotach Tachometry
5A977 Consolidated Instrument Co.
344 m 5 mfr. d 5 dstr. r 5 repair/overhaul s 5 svc. ‘5 Military Supplier f 5 Small Business v 5 Small Disadvantaged Business
5AA09 Flight Support International, Inc.
5AB04 AmSafe Bridport
5AB04 Amsafe Bridport
5B981 Beacon Chemical Co., Inc.
5E718 L. J. Walch Co. Inc.
5F390 Proprietary Software Systems, Inc.
5F519 Alarin Aircraft Hinges
5F573 Greene, Tweed & Co.
5G098 Sierra Pacific Supply Co., Inc.
5G555 Eastern Aero Supply, Inc.
5H048 L. E. Jones Co.
5J309 Omaha Airplane Supply
5J645 Case Design Corp.
5K044 Ameron Global Product Support
5K806 Advanced Technology Co.
5L152 Portec, Inc.
5M266 Duralectra Fine Aluminum Finishes
5M696 UFC Aerospace Corp.
5M782 Composites Horizons, Inc.
5M867 Image Graphics, Inc.
5N403 Flight Support, Inc.
5N576 Dapco Industries, Inc.
5N582 Seal Dynamics Inc.
5N894 Fairview Machine Co., Inc.
5P720 Air Accessories Co.
5R386 TPS Aviation, Inc.
5R658 Air Technology Inc.
5S017 Aerolab
5S039 Micro Miniature Bearing Co., Inc.
5S077 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
5S117 Summit Aviation Supply
5S690 G.B.G. Industries
5T389 WASP Inc.
5U206 NuSil Technology
5U658 Crash Rescue Equipment Service, Inc.
5V122 National Precision Bearing Inc.
5V122 Mechatronics, Inc.
5V247 PDS Technical Services, Inc.
5V334 Wodin, Inc.
5V477 Sonico Inc.
5V775 Air Cabin Engineering Inc.
5V916 Seven Mountains Scientific Inc.
5W448 International Surface Preparation
5W560 Swift Textile Metalizing LLC
5W869 AirGroup America, Inc.
5W885 Spectrum Sensors & Controls, Inc.
5Z373 Empire Aero Center
5Z814 IPECO, Inc.
60003 Sterling Lacquer Manufacturing Co.
60119 LISI Aerospace
60162 Pacer Industries, Inc.
60198 Saint Technologies, Inc.
60211 Voltage Multipliers Inc.
60294 Precipart Corp.
60343 Specialty Ring Products, Inc.
60360 Aircraft Missile Parts Manufacturing Corp.
60363 Parker Hannifin Corp. Seal Group, TechSeal
60380 RBC Torrington, CT Plant
60478 Survival Products, Inc.
60597 Protective Metal Alloys, Inc.
60640 Self Powered Lighting
60663 Nell-Joy Industries, Inc.
60678 Sensors & Integrated Systems, Sensor
Systems (Sensors & Integrated Systems)
60685 Specialty Cable Corp.
60750 Brimar, Inc.
60762 Aeronautical Accessories, Inc.
60815 Orcon Corp.
60869 Reed & Jeter, Inc.
60980 Meggitt Silicone Products
60990 GSI Corp.
60996 Aero Fastener Co., Inc.
61001 Syndex Aerospace Inc.
61061 Advanced Electromagnetics, Inc.
61067 Montgomery Systems Tech, Inc.
61135 Wilkerson Co., Inc., Aircraft Tire Div.
61153 Filtrona Extrusion Yakima
61162 JFW Industries
61196 The Sherwin Williams Co.
61228 Niagara Thermal
61257 RJE International, Inc.
61349 AMETEK Aerospace & Defense, Power &
Data Systems
61372 General Ecology, Inc.
61398 AME Corp.
61399 Northop Grumman PRB Systems.
61420 Ver-Val Enterprises, Inc.
61423 Kidde Aerospace
61426 ATACS Products, Inc.
61491 Pennsylvania Instrument Corp.
61562 UVP, LLC
61651 Analog Modules, Inc.
61666 General Technology Corp./Crane Aerospace
& Electronics
61834 Electrophysics Corp.
61873 Omnetics Connector Corp.
61893 Allen Osborne Associates, Inc.
61951 Micro Lamps, Inc.
61969 Inspec Foams, Inc.
61989 Triumph Acuation Systems
61S47 Sigtronics Corp.
62008 Cuming Microwave Corp.
62063 Marketing Masters, Inc.
62064 Wiebel Aerospace Inc.
62065 EDO Reconnaissance & Surveillance
Systems, Inc.
62083 Quality Aviation, Inc.
62225 Driessen Aircraft Interior Systems Inc.
62319 Real-Time Laboratories, LLC
62340 Rhinestahl Corp.
62387 Stresau Laboratory, Inc.
62439 Meller Optics, Inc.
62482 Advanced Control Components, Inc.
62500 Fiber Materials Inc.
62592 ATI Allvac
62857 Contour Aerospace Corp.
62878 Baltek Corp.
62934 Schmidt Engineering & Equipment, Inc.
62946 Gage Bilt Products Corp.
62983 Eaton Corp., Aerospace Operations,
Hydraulic Systems Division
63005 Rolls-Royce Corp.
63017 Concorde Battery Corp.
63022 Sunoptic Technologies
63100 L-3 Communications - AMI Instruments
63127 New Vac Div.
63241 Precision Level Vial Co.
63247 Mirachem Corp.
63292 Columbia Weather Systems, Inc.
63312 Endicott Research Group, Inc.
63365 BTC Electronic Components
63389 Honeywell Aerospace-Tulsa
63473 Foerster Instruments, Inc.
63483 Dura Vent, Industrial Division
63516 L-3 Communications Display Systems
63563 Chelton, Inc.
63582 Wall Colmonoy Corp.
63588 Connector Design & Manufacturing, Inc.
63606 King Bag & Manufacturing Co.
63653 Vaisala Oyj
63653 Vaisala Inc.
63745 Teledyne Relays
63775 Aero Tec Laboratories Inc.
63789 Vaisala Inc., Boulder Operations
63792 Watson Industries, Inc.
63807 Apex Machine Tool Co. Inc.
63836 Astrotech
63848 North American Survey Supply Co.
63848 Warren-Knight Instrument Co.
63980 Wright Capacitors
64162 Del Aerospace, Inc.
64235 Magee Plastics Co.
64328 Roncelli Plastics, Inc.
64375 Norwich Aero
64415 SELEX Sistemi Integrati Inc.
64460 Microturbo, Inc.
64486 Turbine Engine Components Technologies
64537 Aeroflex/KDI, Inc.
64547 Honeywell Aerospace, Engines, Systems &
Services, Tucson Operations
64563 Pressure Systems, Inc.
64639 Micro-Coax
64640 Laser Technology, Inc.
64663 Dolphin Systems Corp.
64671 Aeroflex/Inmet
64694 Telephonics Corp.
64818 Fluid Components International, LLC
64830 Spirig Advanced Technologies, Inc.
64878 Fastening Systems International, Inc.
64991 Fujinon, Inc.
64998 Applied Specialties, Inc.
65088 Airborne Supply, Inc.
65094 Instrumentation Marketing Corp.
65185 Noise Com
65219 Seal Science, Inc.
65309 Steinel America, Inc.
65311 Simtek, Inc.
65626 Flight Structures, Inc.
65702 Precision Engines LLC
65702 Precision Airmotive, LLC
65793 Haynes & Cann Ltd.
65804 Parachute Equipment Corp.
65807 Barr Associates, Inc.
65876 NORDAM Interiors & Structures Div.
65907 Aerospace Display Systems, LLC
65910 Mayday Manufacturing Co.
65956 Rene Co.
65959 SEA Wire & Cable, Inc.
65998 AMETEK Aerospace & Defense,
Gulton-Statham Products
66019 Haysite Reinforced Plastics
66042 Thomas C. Wilson, Inc.
66065 W. S. Wilson Corp.
660Y9 Southwest Microwave, Inc., Security
Systems Div.
66136 West Coast Industries
66144 Spokane Metal Products
66151 Associated Components Manufacturing Inc.
66191 Starr Aircraft Products, Inc.
66197 ECS
66230 PA & E
66301 White Electronic Designs Corp.
66429 CVI
66449 Microsource, Inc.
66530 Click Bond, Inc.
66558 Spectrex, Inc.
66613 ITT Power Solutions
66686 Conolite Aircraft Laminates
66689 Rockwell Collins Optronics, Inc.
66716 Superform U.S.A.
66724 LPS Laboratories
66782 Spectron Engineering, Inc.
66860 Airborne Industries Inc.
66864 Enon Microwave Inc.
66905 Pacific Sky Supply, Inc.
66917 Valve Research & Manufacturing Co.
66959 Aero Union Corp.
67009 Electro-Radiation Inc.
67179 Zephyr Manufacturing Co., Inc.
67305 NAASCO Group
67305 NAASCO Northeast Corp.
67309 Aero Gear, Inc.
67351 Vantage Associates Inc.
67367 Beltran Associates, Inc.
67375 Sky Computers, Inc.
67436 Condor Enterprise, Inc.
67546 G & H Distributors, Inc.
67744 Pave Technology Co., Inc.
68341 Schott North America Inc.
68571 Turbine Engine Components Technologies
68911 Maxwell Technologies
69202 O’Neill Industrial Corp.
69289 Orkal Industries
69370 Ho-Ho-Kus, Inc.
69576 Unison Engine Components-Canada
69670 Nucletudes
69749 Bulwell Precision Engineers Ltd.
6A278 Miles-Samuelson, Inc.
6A361 Electronic Expediters, Inc.
6A604 Terraquip, Inc.
6A920 IHS, Inc.
6B251 Space Vector Corp.
6D043 Evangeline Airmotive, Inc.
6D061 Robert & Co.
6D963 PMF Industries, Inc.
6F140 Component Products Corp.
6J744 Avtron Aerospace Inc
6K233 Carolina Equipment & Supply Co.
6K478 Eldorado Chemical Co., Inc.
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6K692 Imrex Co. Inc.
6K906 Robert P. Martin, Inc.
6L041 The Memphis Group, Inc.
6L052 AIRCO Group, Airco Group, European Div.
6L052 AIRCO Group, Far East Div.
6L052 Aircraft Instrument & Radio Services, Inc.
6L052 AIRCO Group
6L817 National Machine Co.
6M266 Airtechnics Inc.
6M532 Metal Technology, Inc.
6N881 Gerard Daniel Worldwide-Western Div.
6P069 Wallach-Gracer Corp., Gracer Aerospace Div.
6P199 Center Industries Corp.
6P872 The Balancing Co.
6R026 Mnemonics Inc.
6R418 Fisher Forging, Inc.
6T545 M International, Inc.
6T605 American Lab & Systems
6V025 Pacific Air Logistics, Inc.
6V506 Eastern NDT, Inc.
6V651 Masco Sweepers, Inc.
6W069 Plymouth Engineered Shapes
6W159 Helicomb International
6W850 AR Tech
6Y093 Rubb Inc.
6Y122 CYTEC Corp.
6Y342 Naras Aviation, Inc.
6Y528 Optical Cable Corp.
6Y670 Midwest Air Traffic Control Service, Inc.
6Y795 Cotterman Co.
6Y980 Triner Scale & Manufacturing Co., Inc.
6Z339 Lockheed Martin Aircraft & Logistic Centers
6Z485 Sandvik Special Metals Corp.
6Z955 Rogers-Dierks, Inc.
6Z961 The Washington Consulting Group, Inc.
70094 Linear Industries Ltd.
70133 Aerial Machine & Tool Corp.
70167 Air Cruisers
70177 Air Parts International Sales, Inc.
70236 Tactair Fluid Controls Inc.
70236 Tactair Fluid Controls, Customer Support
70265 RBC Co - All Power Manufacturing Co.
70266 Frank X. Ruiz Avionics, Inc.
70272 ATK Tactical Systems Co.
70318 Allmetal Screw Products Corp.
70365 Three-Five Systems, Inc.
70392 Nav-USA, Inc.
70474 American Cord & Webbing Co., Inc.
70513 Pulizzi Engineering Inc.
70558 Amglo Kemlite Laboratories
70577 Amerasia International Technology, Inc.
70628 Arrowhead Products Corp.
70651 Atlas Brass Foundry
70882 Bauer, Inc.
70958 Bergen Cable Technology LLC
70998 Bird Electronic Corp.
71034 Bliley Technologies Inc.
71087 Boots Aircraft Nut Div.
71204 Turbine Traders Ltd.
71304 Capewell Life Support/Aerial Delivery
71304 Capewell Components Co.
71361 McGean-Rohco, Inc.
71483 David Clark Co., Inc.
71670 KWD Manufacturing
71687 Airtomic
71744 CML Innovative Technologies
71823 Darnell-Rose Caster Co.
71895 Engine Components, Turbine Fuel
Technologies (Engine Components)
71986 Downs Crane & Hoist Co., Inc.
72149 Electronic Transformer Corp.
72166 B. W. Elliott Manufacturing Co., Inc.
72272 Everede Tool Co.
72346 Cres-Cor
72728 General Veneer Manufacturing Co.
73030 Hamilton Sundstrand Corp., Worldwide
Customer Support
73134 Heim Bearings Co.
73168 Fenwal Safety Systems
73197 Hi-Shear Corp.
73386 Freed Transformer Corp.
73386 Electronic Transformer Corp.
73410 Growth Industries, Inc.
73684 Energy Source Distributing Co.
73760 ITT Aerospace Controls
73842 Goodyear Aviation Tires
73905 Jennings Technology Co.
73957 Groov-Pin Corp.
73992 Tuthill Coupling Group
74025 MarathonNorco Aerospace, Inc.
74284 HGI Skydyne
74897 ILC Dover, Inc.
74923 Cutting Dynamics, Inc.
74976 Arc Machines, Inc.
75016 AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.
75099 Dallas Airmotive, Inc.
75101 Harvey Titanium Ltd.
75165 Johns Manville
75245 The Kell-Strom Tool Co., Inc.
75297 Kester
75345 Kirkhill Elastomers
75347 Klein Tools, Inc.
75393 Kopp Glass, Inc.
76005 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
76281 Melrath Gasket
76374 Mechanical Products Co.
76376 Mechanical Rubber Products Co.
76385 Minor Rubber Co., Inc.
76545 Mueller Electric Co.
76745 Danline Inc.
76793 Nobles Manufacturing, Inc.
76912 Oro Manufacturing Co.
77672 Randolph Products Co.
77745 Pioneer Aerospace Corp.
77824 Schlegel Systems, Inc.
77842 Eaton Corp., Aerospace Operations,
Conveyance Systems Division
77896 Rexnord Aerospace Group, Filament Bearing
77896 Rexnord Aerospace Group, Rexnord
Industries, L.L.C.
77A65 Sprung Instant Structures, Inc.
78062 Sargent Controls & Aerospace
78103 Schweizer Aircraft Corp.
78118 Timken Super Precision (MPB), Timken
78226 SIFCO Forge Group
78366 Soderberg Manufacturing Co. Inc.
78385 Stewart Warner South Wind Corp.
78493 Standard-Thomson Corp., Controls Div.
78570 Smiths Specialty Engineering-Titeflex
78711 Telephonics Corp.
78959 Oerlikon Contraves Inc.
79000 Turbine Engine Components Technologies
79104 Vitachrome Graphics
7926B C.E.S.A.
79318 Whittaker Controls, Inc.
79318 Whittaker Controls, Product Support
79326 Adel Wiggins Group, Transdigm, Inc.
79566 Whitney Blake Co.
7A112 Thermal Transfer Corp.
7A514 Space Air Supply, Inc.
7B798 ERG Materials & Aerospace Corp.
7D058 Tri-State Plastics, Inc.
7D336 Altek Corp.
7D602 Strong Enterprises
7F625 Cal-Av Labs, Inc.
7G414 Aero Hardware & Supply, Inc.
7J921 Dri-Dek Corp.
7L139 Falcon Aero, Inc.
7L636 Metalmart International, Inc.
7L636 Metalmart International, Inc., CAC Export
7L772 Gentex Corp., Electro-Acoustic Products
7M294 Carlyle, Inc.
7M399 The Berns Co.
7M399 BT Equipment Co. Inc.
7M471 JT Supplies
7M495 Amherst Systems, Inc.
7N082 Rapiscan Laboratories
7N806 George Glove Co., Inc.
7N929 Pride Electronics, Inc.
7P101 East Air Corp.
7R810 Aero Quality Sales
7R839 Sennheiser Electronic Corp.
7T028 Kaman Aerospace Corp., Measuring &
Memory Division
7U055 Canyon Engineering Products, Inc.
7U295 Composite Technology, Inc.
7U446 Superior Technical Ceramics Corp.
7V024 KLM Engineering & Maintenance
7V438 Merex, Inc.
7V469 Aviojet Corp.
7V836 Zoltek Corp.
7W000 Aluma Tower Co. Inc.
7W667 Intercomp Co., Aircraft Weighing Systems
7X174 SEAL Laboratories
7X598 Aircraft Electric Motors, Inc.
7Y047 Ameritech International, Inc.
7Y224 Nemal Electronics International Corp.
7Y315 Macintyre Electronic Design Associates, Inc.
7Y364 Limco Airepair Inc.
7Y814 Earmark, LLC
7Y922 AeroFlite Enterprises, Inc.
7Z588 Breeze Industrial Products Corp.
7Z935 Turbo Dynamics Corp.
80080 L-3 Communications Electron Devices
80201 Chicago Rawhide
80203 Gabriel Antennas
80298 Precision Components, Inc.
80298 AAR Mobility Systems
80302 OCEM Acquisition Corp.
80357 Haynes International, Inc.
80378 Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc.
80495 Anderson Airmotive Products Co. Inc.
80512 Aeronca, Inc.
80539 SPS Technologies, Aerospace Fasteners
80656 Aviquipo, Inc.
80885 Oil-Rite Corp.
81039 Actuation Systems, Electromechanical
81071 Japlar Group, Inc.
81143 Isolantite Manufacturing Co., Inc.
81376 Smith Acquisition
81400 Haskel International, Inc.
81482 Co-Operative Industries Aerospace &
81515 Aerolux Ltd.
81535 Squitter Electronics Inc.
81579 Mason Electric Co., Inc.
81590 Korry Electronics Co.
81640 Eaton Aerospace, Sensing &
81851 Federal-Mogul Systems Protection Group,
81855 Eagle-Picher Technologies, LLC
81861 Burton Electrical Engineering
81868 AAR Cargo Systems
81873 HR Textron, Inc.
81902 Associated Environmental Systems
81982 Hydro-Aire/Crane Aerospace & Electronics
82001 Fenn Technologies
82110 Gudebrod, Inc.
82121 ElectroSwitch
82205 Belfort Instrument Co.
82224 John Hassall, Inc.
82240 Southco, Inc.
82255 Day-Ray Products, Inc.
82268 Sparton Corp., Sparton Electronics Div.
82340 EDO Corp.
82402 Triumph Gear Systems, Inc.
82410 Ledtronics, Inc.
82413 Precision Tube Co.
82647 Sensata Technologies, Inc.
82691 Mack Electric Devices, Inc.
82829 Allen Aircraft Products, Inc.
82858 N W L
82872 Roanwell Corp.
82877 AMETEK Aerospace & Defense, Rotron
82893 Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc.
82896 Safety Socket Screw Corp.
82969 IMCO Industries Ltd.
83014 Hartwell Corp.
83086 New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc., HiTech
83259 Parker Hannifin Corp. Seal Group, Composite
Sealing Systems Div.
346 m 5 mfr. d 5 dstr. r 5 repair/overhaul s 5 svc. ‘5 Military Supplier f 5 Small Business v 5 Small Disadvantaged Business
83303 Stewart R. Browne Manufacturing Co., Inc.
83311 Unison Industries
83326 Safe Flight Instrument Corp.
83330 Dialight Corp.
83445 Aerol Co., Inc.
83533 Essex Manufacturing Div.
83533 Essex Industries, Inc.
83555 Servo-Tek Products Co., Inc.
83603 Instrument Associates, Inc.
83781 Richardson Electronics Ltd.
83803 Peerless Electronics Inc.
83942 International Aerospace, Inc.
83942 Aeronautical Instrument & Radio Co., Inc.
84133 Electro Arc Manufacturing Co.
84180 Armite Laboratories, Inc.
84256 Avibank Mfg., Inc.
84375 Teledyne Continental Motors Battery
84596 Aviation Manufacturing Group, LLC
84613 FIC Corp.
84955 Kaman Aerospace Corp.
84971 TA Aerospace
85323 Electronic Transformer Corp.
85374 BVR Technologies Co.
85604 Kepco, Inc.
85688 Stride Tool, Inc.
85726 NC Servo Technology
85927 Electro Sales Co. Inc.
85941 Ellanef Manufacturing Corp.
86090 J. C. Carter Co. Inc.
86175 GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems, Inc.
86297 Cratex Manufacturing Co., Inc.
86303 Fire-End & Croker Corp.
86413 Pauli Systems, Inc.
86831 Rockwell Collins
86887 Sigma Tek Inc.
87065 The Marvel Manufacturing Co.
87225 Timken Latrobe Steel
87230 LaVezzi Precision Inc.
87362 Yardney Technical Products, Inc.
87362 Ener-Tek International Inc.
87362 Lithion, Inc.
87570 Stepan Co.
87579 Stevens Products, Inc.
87585 Stockwell Elastomerics, Inc.
87618 The Superior Flux & Manufacturing Co.
87641 Sweeney
87761 Universal Manufacturing Corp.
880L7 CEL Aerospace Test Equipment Ltd.
88234 Applied Sensor Technologies
88535 Alar Products, Inc.
88818 Kearfott Guidance & Navigation Corp.
88865 Krohn-Hite Corp.
88909 Noorduyn Norseman Inc.
89178 Stancil Corp.
89305 Fuel & Utility Systems (Sensors & Integrated
89305 Goodrich Corp., Actuation Systems
89446 Hiller Aircraft Corp.
89597 The Fredericks Co.
89630 Eraser Co., Inc.
89750 Moody Tools, Inc.
89789 The Staplex Co., Air Sampler Div.
89893 ALACO Ladder Co.
89939 Time Manufacturing Co.
89944 Kollsman, Inc.
8A2B1 Balanced Enterprise Solutions, LLC
8A491 Polymet Corp.
8A961 Peening Technologies of Connecticut
8B808 Evaporated Coatings, Inc.
8B918 A.J. Levin Co., Inc.
8E326 Aircraft Ducting Repair Inc.
8E913 Zip-Chem Products
8F033 Willington Nameplate, Inc.
8F187 AMJET Aerospace, Inc.
8F746 American Acrylic Corp.
8G055 Genelco Industries, Inc.
8G085 Mid-Continent Engineering
8J131 Tech-Tool Plastics, Inc.
8J942 Rapid Rivet & Fastener Corp.
8K112 Freundlich Supply Co., Inc.
8K160 Unirex, Inc.
8L303 Sun Dome, Inc.
8M168 Consolidated Aircraft Supply Co., Inc.
8M213 Air Spares, Inc.
8M213 Air Spares International Inc.
8MI91 L-3 Communications Aeromet, Inc.
8N264 Roads & Runways Striping Service, Inc.
8N273 Aero-Mach Labs, Inc.
8N744 Commerce Overseas Corp.
8P093 Llamas Plastics, Inc.
8P242 Thuro Metal Products, Inc.
8R471 All-System Aerospace International, Inc.
8R801 Kernco, Inc.
8S352 Bayjet, Inc.
8S585 Avionics Specialist, Inc.
8T088 Turbine Controls, Inc.
8T096 K & R Fasteners, Inc.
8T134 Sentry Aerospace Corp.
8T729 Intertrade Aviation Corp.
8U543 BAE Systems Platform Solutions
8U755 Aeronautical Components, Inc.
8U756 Conner Engineering Inc.
8V398 Sekai Electronics, Inc.
8V404 Wood Group Turbopower, LLC
8W315 Turbine Engine Components Technologies
8W714 Fred A. Moehring, Inc.
8W928 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
8X044 Derco Aerospace, Inc.
8X119 Ashot Ashkelon Industries Ltd.
8X198 Dwyer Instruments, Inc.
8X907 A & S Helicopters Inc.
8X925 Estex Manufacturing Co., Inc.
8Y056 Rogerson Aircraft Corp.
8Y092 Tex-Tech Industries, Inc.
8Y173 Triumph Aerospace Systems
8Y207 Saf-Air Products, Inc.
8Y274 Patrick’s Parts Inc.
8Y414 International Technical Consultants Inc.
8Y423 Symplastics Corp.
8Y842 Lubricating Specialties Co., Technolube
Products Div.
8Y948 Grahmann International Contracting, Inc.
8Z036 Sandex Manufacturing Corp.
8Z765 Keiser Engineering, Inc.
90005 Purolator Facet, Inc.
90129 Crouse-Hinds Molded Products
90166 Eaton Corp., Aerospace Operations,
Hydraulic Systems Division
90423 The Grieve Corp.
90827 Dyna-Empire, Inc.
91037 Corry Manufacturing Co.
91101 Terry Tools, Inc.
91141 Davidson Optronics, Inc.
91161 Electro Impulse Laboratory, Inc.
91345 Miller Dial, LLC
91511 Auto-Valve, Inc.
91587 Rexnord Aerospace Group, Seal Operation
91663 Armel Electronics Inc.
91723 Georator Corp.
91763 Alabama Aircraft Industries, Inc.-Birmingham
91812 Mason Electric Co., Inc.
91816 Circle Seal Controls, Inc.
91836 Kings Electronics Co., Inc.
91893 MSP Inc.
91954 Plasma Technology, Inc.
92110 Servo Corp. of America
92180 Tru Corp.
92456 AMETEK, Inc., Test & Calibration
92499 Wear-Cote International, Inc.
92508 Cooley, Inc.
92515 Duracote Corp.
92555 Lee Products Ltd.
92563 McGill Manufacturing, Emerson Power
Transmission Corp.
92595 Automatic Screw Machine Products Co.
92606 Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp.
92824 MAG Aerospace
92858 Hannay Reels, Inc.
92878 Hunter Manufacturing Co.
92912 Bel Fuse, Inc.
93455 Scot, Inc.
93489 Kahl Scientific Instrument Corp.
93596 Kerns Manufacturing Corp.
93601 Lug-All
93812 Wisconsin Centrifugal
93835 Parker Aerospace, Hydraulic Systems
93842 Kahn & Co., Inc.
94099 Teleplex, Inc., Alford Div.
94199 Electro Arc Manufacturing Co.
94231 The Champion Co.
94295 Honeywell Airport Systems, Simi Valley
94354 MMA, Inc.
94375 Automatic Connector
94581 National Utilities Co.
94697 Moog, Inc.
94697 Moog Aircraft Div.
94790 W. Pat Crow Forgings
94861 Malabar International
94867 Churchill Corp.
94970 Dukane Corp., Seacom Div.
94973 Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc.
94986 N. Wood Counter Laboratory, Inc.
95411 Endevco
95692 EDO Artisan Inc.
96124 HR Textron Automated Test Equipment
96145 Plastic Fabricating Co., Inc.
96182 Eaton Aerospace, Sensing & Controls-Costa
96238 Ultra Electronic - DNE Technologies
96429 Unison Industries
96487 Valcor Engineering Corp.
96655 California Plasteck
96736 Sweeney Engineering Corp.
96739 Pacific Transducer Corp.
96801 H.C. Starck, Inc.
96941 Elano Corp.
97123 Aircraft Precision Products, Inc.
97153 Goodrich Corp., Aircraft Wheels & Brakes
97246 Will-Burt Co.
97393 Shur-Lok Corp.
97399 Dragon Valves, Inc.
97424 AMETEK Aerospace & Defense, Sensors &
Fluid Management Systems
97427 Gentex Corp.
97484 Eaton Aerospace, Sensing & Controls
97499 Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
97539 APM Hexseal Corp.
97592 Pneumafil Corp., Metal Products Div.
97613 Kahr Bearing
97814 Sealtron, Inc.
98085 Cox & Co., Inc.
98087 ITT Aerospace Controls
98089 Moog Components Group, Blacksburg
98113 The Lockrey Co., Inc.
98231 Composition Materials Co., Inc.
98313 Davis Restraint Systems, Inc.
98313 Davis Aircraft Products Co., Inc.
98376 Zero Corp.
98391 Arkwin Industries, Inc.
98425 Erie Engineered Products Inc.
98441 Stratoflex Products Div.
98454 Bowden Manufacturing Corp.
98459 Standard Armament Inc.
98500 AGC Inc.
98505 Hydra-Electric Co.
98524 Monogram Aerospace Fasteners
98568 Tactair Fluid Controls Inc.
98571 Teledyne Controls
98733 Met-L-Chek Co.
98738 Herley Chicago
98776 Bemco, Inc.
98810 Aerosonic Corp.
98821 North Hills Signal Processing
98831 Daco Instrument Co.
98891 HBD/Thermoid, Inc.
98891 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
98897 Aviation Plus, Inc.
98928 Webber Manufacturing Co., Inc.
98939 Fluid Regulators Corp.
99017 Caplugs
99098 Bacon Industries, Inc.
99117 Metavac
99121 Precision Rings, Inc.
99135 Flexco, Inc.
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99145 Eaton Aerospace, Sensing & Controls-Costa
99163 Electric Speed Indicator Co., Inc.
99200 Airflyte Electronics Co.
99215 Tactair Fluid Controls Inc.
99215 Tactair Fluid Controls, Customer Support
99221 TAVCO, Inc.
99227 Fluid Power Inc.
99240 Crissair Inc.
99251 Carleton Life Support Systems Inc.
99287 Marchant Machine Corp.
99321 Shaw Aero Devices, Inc.
99449 Conax Florida Corp.
99467 High Precision Inc.
99473 Hawker Pacific Aerospace
99479 White Electronic Designs Corp.,
Electromechanical Products Division
99489 Global Aerospace Technology
99528 Radial Bearing Corp.
99532 The Chapman Manufacturing Co.
99568 Tactair Fluid Controls, Customer Support
99595 Engine Control & Electrical Power Systems,
Engine Control Systems (Engine Control &
Electrical Power Systems)
99699 Deutsch Relays, Inc.
99710 Kellstrom Industries
99742 Permacel
99800 API Delevan
99808 Midway Aircraft Instrument Corp.
99837 Gables Engineering, Inc.
99917 Sun Dial & Panel Corp.
99920 Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, Inc.
99943 Mitchell Abrasives
9A632 Electrical Products Sales Corp.
9A810 Avnet ElectroAir
9B116 Kay & Associates, Inc.
9B761 Atlantic Aviation Corp.
9D064 Magnesium Alloy Products Co.
9D113 Otto Instrument Service, Inc.
9D935 Astro-Aire Enterprises
9E023 Mills/Sterling Aerospace, Inc.
9E227 Bohne Spring Industries Ltd.
9E232 Cambridge Specialty Co., Inc.
9E248 Riley Gear Corp.
9E398 Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd., RAMTA
9E429 Tools For Bending, Inc.
9G389 American Seal & Engineering Co., Inc.
9H958 Southwest Cooler Service, Inc.
9J595 Weckworth Manufacturing Co. Inc.
9J868 Hawker Pacific Aerospace
9J969 Remmele Engineering, Inc.
9K006 Castle Precision Industries
9K006 Castle Precision Overhaul
9K536 Aero Sheet Metal
9L498 R.B. Aero, Inc.
9L752 Scientific Developments, Inc.
9M039 Aerotech World Trade Corp.
9M313 Caravan International Corp., Aerospace Div.
9M323 Advanced Ground Systems Engineering LLC
9M323 AGS Thailand Co., Ltd.
9M695 Analytical Methods, Inc.
9N687 Vidaro Corp.
9N899 Continental Cable LLC.
9R012 Baszile Metals Service
9S850 LSI, Inc.
9S874 Lee Aerospace Products, Inc.
9T270 Servos & Simulation, Inc.
9T677 Tronser, Inc.
9U226 Jay-Tex Aviation, Inc.
9U239 AvioSupport, Inc.
9U245 Master Research & Manufacturing, Inc.
9U361 Abalon Precision Manufacturing Corp.
9U361 D.P. Metal Products
9U368 Astron Wireless Technologies, Inc.
9U679 CPI Aerostructures, Inc.
9U738 Wood Group Fuel Systems, Inc.
9U930 E & H Laminating & Slitting Co.
9V178 Vitronics Inc.
9V269 Pacific Southwest Instruments
9V412 Coast Material Sales Inc.
9W326 Spenro Aircraft Tools
9W632 Excalibur Aerospace, Inc.
9X250 Omega Technologies, Inc.
9X391 Advanced Designs Corp.
9X645 AAR Composites
9X838 Configuration Data Services, Inc.
9X905 Applied Signal Technology, Inc.
9Z071 Air America Fuel & Service, Inc.
9Z454 Endwave Defense Systems, Inc.
9Z783 Africair, Inc.
A0045 SKF Industrie S.p.A., Aerospace Bearing Div.
A0076 Microtecnica S.r.l.
A0189 Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A.
A0303 Secondo Mona S. p. A.
A0359 Magnaghi Aeronautica S.p.A.
A1360 D. Marchiori S.r.L
A1444 ABL S.r.l.
A1577 Aerea S.p.A.
A1582 Farem S.r.L.
A1620 F.I.M.A.C. S.p.A.
A2437 SELIN Sistemi S.p.A.
A2829 Logic S.p.A.
A2968 Gelbyson S.r.L.
A2AQ2 Core Survival, Inc.
A3025 Sirples S.r.L.
A3093 MES S.p.A.
A3379 Northrop Grumman Italia S.p.A.
A3643 Passaponti Metal Cleaning Technology S.r.L.
A4128 Teksid S.p.A., Aluminum Foundry Div.
A4147 UMBRA Cuscinetti S.p.A.
A4679 OCEM S.p.A.
A5224 Sipael s.r.l.
A5342 Aviointeriors S.p.A.
A5681 C.E.I.A. S.P.A.
AB546 Iacobucci S.p.A.
AB546 Iacobucci USA, Inc.
AC689 Bonetti Aircraft Supports S.p.A.
B0037 Thales Communications Belgium
B0139 S.A. Forges De Zeebrugge
B0847 Vandeputte N.V.
B1103 Shur-Lok International, S.A.
B1255 Advanced Products N.V.
B1316 Techspace Aero S.A.
B1777 Langa Industrial, S.A.
C0002 Nord-Micro AG & Co. OHG
C0071 Combustor Airmotive Services Pte. Ltd.
C0202 Pall GmbH Luftfahrttechnik
C0297 Engine Control & Electrical Power Systems,
Engine Control Systems (Engine Control &
Electrical Power Systems)
C0546 Walter Dittel GmbH, Luftfahrtgeratebau
C1032 Vallon GmbH
C1222 Comtronic GmbH
C1267 Bayern-Chemie Gesellschaft fur
Flugchemische Antriebe mbH
C1572 Telair International
C1606 Harmonic Drive AG
C1663 ELAN GmbH
C2065 Mero-TSK International
C2231 Allsafe Jungfalk
C2463 Oerlikon-Contraves GmbH
C3199 GMT
C3748 PLAN-Industriefahrzeug GmbH & Co. KG
C3753 Wulfmeyer Aircraft Interior GmbH & Co. KG
C3898 SFS Intec Aircraft Components GmbH
C4086 MT Aerospace AG
C4951 ACMA GmbH
C5270 Dasell Cabin Interior GmbH
C5307 Innovint Aircraft Interior
C5380 RTG Aero-Hydraulic, Inc.
C5476 Stuekerjuergen Aerospace Composites
C5543 Interturbine Logistik GmbH - Germany
C6258 SAGEM Navigation GmbH
C6359 EuroAvionics Navigationssysteme GmbH &
C6526 DoKaSch GmbH Air Cargo Equipment &
C7178 Heim Systems GmbH
C7285 RTE Relli Engineering und Vetriebs GmbH
D0078 Diehl Aerospace GmbH
D0078 Diehl BGT Defence GmbH & Co. KG
D0272 Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd. & Co. KG
D0467 Otto Fuchs Metallwerke
D0589 Bucher-Schorling GmbH
D0606 Edgar Hausmann GmbH
D0666 ZF Luftfahrttechnik GmbH
D1347 Diehl Luftfahrt Elektronik GmbH
D2029 Hydro-Geratebau GmbH & Co. KG
D2249 Sell GmbH
D2439 Diehl Aerospace GmbH
D2461 Ballonfabrik See & Luftausrustung GmbH &
Co. KG
D2461 Eurofighter 2000 Consortium
D2541 ASG Luftfahrttechnik & Sensorik GmbH
D2597 Regelungs- & Messtechnik, Dynamic Test
D2638 EME Elektro-Metall
D2696 MGG Micro-Gluehlampen-Gesellschaft
D3285 motorflug baden-baden gmbh
D3309 MTU Aero Engines
D3683 ESW-Extel Systems Wedel GmbH
D4199 Bruggemann GmbH & Co. KG
D4296 Airbus S.A.S., Spares Support & Services
D4394 Kidde-Deugra GmbH
D4829 Diehl Aerospace GmbH
D5429 Kunz GmbH Aircraft Equipment
D8093 Mxi Technologies
D8095 Goodrich Lighting Systems (Interiors)
D8114 Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG
D8114 Sennheiser Electronic Corp.
D8416 Karl Storz GmbH & Co.
D9853 Rockwell Collins Deutschland
D9893 Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH
DACH4 Goodrich Corp., Aircraft Interior Products
DC494 DC Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH
DD520 MCI Management Concepts
DD704 Airsigna Gmbh & Co.KG
EA297 Safe Air Ltd.
EP552 Dwen Airmotive NZ Ltd.
F0063 ACC la Jonchere
F0095 Ateliers De La Hte. Garonne
F0101 Hydro Leduc SAS
F0188 Blanc Aero Industries
F0189 Messier-Dowty S.A.-Bidos
F0214 In-Services Europe (HQ)
F0214 In-Services Asia Ltd.
F0214 ECE
F0217 Labinal
F0218 In-Services Asia Ltd.
F0218 In-Services Europe (HQ)
F0219 Leach International Europe S.A.
F0223 Labinal
F0228 Turbomeca
F0229 Le Joint Francais S.N.C.
F0234 ADR S.A.
F0280 In-Services Europe (HQ)
F0280 In-Services Asia Ltd.
F0296 Thales Avionics Electrical Systems S.A.
F0301 Snecma S.A.
F0309 Indraero Siren
F0355 Caillau
F0358 In-Services Europe (HQ)
F0358 In-Services Asia Ltd.
F0360 Saint-Gobain Sully
F0371 Senior Aerospace Ermeto
F0422 In-Services Asia Ltd.
F0422 In-Services Europe (HQ)
F0465 Sicma Aero Seat
F0534 In-Services Europe (HQ)
F0553 In-Services Europe (HQ)
F0553 In-Services Asia Ltd.
F0554 Alkan S.A.
F0559 Sofrance
F0562 PerkinElmer Fluid Sciences (Callisto)
F0656 NEC Aero
F0709 PyroAlliance
F0754 SEM Martin Baker
F0755 Faure Herman
F0987 Radiall
F0987 Radiall, Multipin Div.
F154G Artus Pacific Scientific
F1688 Goodrich Corp., Actuation Systems
F1958 Liebherr-Aerospace SAS
F1976 In-Services Asia Ltd.
F1976 In-Services Europe (HQ)
348 m 5 mfr. d 5 dstr. r 5 repair/overhaul s 5 svc. ‘5 Military Supplier f 5 Small Business v 5 Small Disadvantaged Business
F1983 Connectors Electriques Deutsch
F1989 Microturbo S.A.
F2094 Aerospace Products SNEP
F2202 Howmet SAS
F2276 Auxitrol, S.A., Sensors Group
F2534 Guinault SA
F2538 Jehier
F2805 Industria
F3078 Thales Avionics Electrical Motors S.A.
F3239 Laird Technologies S.A.S.
F4144 Sandow Technic S.A.
F4350 ACAL S.A.
F4417 EADS Sodern
F4520 TLD Albret
F4590 Dedienne Aerospace
F4683 Snecma Moteurs
F4683 Snecma S.A.
F4821 Reel S.A.
F4884 Sonovision Itep Technologies
F4885 Siemens Building Technologies France
F4962 Fort Fibres Optiques
F4967 Technofan
F5341 In-Services Asia Ltd.
F5542 Jolliet Electronique S.A.
F5578 SKF Ball & Roller Screws
F5688 Axon Cable SAS
F6024 Le Cablage Francais
F6087 Permaswage S.A.S.
F6101 Aerazur-Zodiac
F6103 Goodrich Corp., Actuation Systems
F6137 Messier-Bugatti
F6175 Chelton Antennas SA
F6177 Saft
F6238 Metalliages S.A.
F6409 Titeflex-Europe, S.A.
F6507 Radiall, Microwave Div.
F6614 ELTA
F6708 Comepa
F6764 EFER
F6951 Pall France S.A., Pall Aerospace
F6987 Chelton Antennas SA
F7078 Enertec S.A.
F7352 Wuilfert S.A.
F7774 R.E.M.F. Radiocommunications & Avionics
F7774 Remf-Avionics
F7828 Adhetec
F7972 Structil
F8174 Groupe Sinters
F8266 Titanox S.A.
F8303 Techman-Head
F8410 Relais Electroniques Deutsch
F8784 Federal-Mogul Systems Protection Group
F8G65 Eurep Industries S.A.
F9111 Thales Avionics, Inc.
F9211 L’Hotellier SA
F9238 Sensorex S.A.
F9321 Getelec S.A.
F9588 In-Services Europe (HQ)
FA2X6 Aircraft Sanitary Products
FA3F2 Mapaero Aerospace Coatings
FA3H6 Gaia Converter
FA3T7 Equip’Aero Industrie
FA5F7 Messier Services France
FA7H1 Vaisala S.A.
FA824 Creuzet Aeronautique
FAHW6 Interturbine Logistik GmbH - France
FB175 Mecachrome S.A.
FB684 Mach Aero Bretigny
FB964 Euro Dion
G0808 Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A.
G1102 HST/Turco Products
H0002 DutchAero BV
H0061 Verolme Elektra B.V.
H0570 Flair
H0D99 Custers Hydraulica B.V.
H0R92 AmEuro Metals B.V.
H1632 Stork SP Aerospace B.V.
H2307 Schreiner & Co. B.V.
H2705 Aarding Special Products BV
H29S7 Sun Electric Systems BV
H3444 AAR Aircraft Component Services-Amsterdam
H3540 Aviquipo Holland B.V.
H5059 Kreisler-Import B.V.
H6025 Timken Aerospace & Super Precision-Europa
H6256 Eldim B.V.
H6394 Hycom B.V.
H7098 Bradford Engineering B.V.
H7503 Avio-Diepen
IL382 Cutter Aviation, Inc.
J0535 Revue Thommen AG
JAe Jakarta Aerospace, Ltd
K0023 Goodrich Corp., Actuation Systems
K0377 Goodrich Corp., Actuation Systems
K0400 BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft
K0401 Trans Global Aviation Supply Co. Ltd.
K0479 Barry Controls Ltd.
K0491 ITT Industries, Cannon
K0648 Actuation Systems, Flight Control Systems
K0656 Selex Sensors & Airborne Systems
K0659 FHL Div.
K0667 APPH Runcorn Landing Gears
K0667 APPH Bolton Hydraulics
K0673 Page Aerospace Ltd.
K0685 Icore International Ltd.
K0720 HellermannTyton-Plymouth
K1037 Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems
K1406 Dunlop Bestobell
K1425 Didsbury Engineering Co. Ltd.
K1446 Apt Radar System Ltd.
K1474 Penny & Giles Aerospace Ltd.
K1499 The Barden Corp. (UK) Ltd.
K1536 Kidde Graviner
K1789 Permali Gloucester Ltd.
K1918 The Revvo Castor Co.
K2523 Eaton Aerospace Ltd.
K2694 Industria Bearings & Transmissions Ltd.
K2812 Beldam Crossley Ltd.
K2861 BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft
K2962 Senior Aerospace BWT
K3425 H. Rollet & Co. Ltd.
K3649 Brownell Ltd.
K3862 Cargo Aids
K3926 Racal Acoustics Ltd.
K4308 Control Techniques Dynamics Ltd.
K4358 Engine Control & Electrical Power Systems,
Electrical Power Systems (Engine Control &
Electrical Power Systems)
K4413 Eaton Ltd.
K5138 Repaircraft PLC
K5150 Reliance Precision Ltd.
K5269 SKF AB, Aerospace Division - Clevedon
K5294 Systems Customer Services
K5416 New Met Composites
K5459 Sensors & Integrated Systems, Sensor
Systems (Sensors & Integrated Systems)
K5673 SPS Technologies Ltd., T.J. Brooks Div.
K6162 AIM Aviation (Henshalls) Ltd.
K6214 Kearsley Airways Ltd.
K6287 Beaufort Air-Sea Equipment Ltd.
K6543 Techtest Ltd.
K6543 HR Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd.
K6773 Fluid Transfer International Ltd.
K6F31 Aviation Spares International Ltd.
K7548 Satair Hardware UK Ltd.
K7776 AMETEK Aerospace & Defense, Airscrew
K7869 Glenair United Kingdom
K7943 Xcel Power Systems Ltd.
K7951 Norbar Holdings Ltd.
K8127 AEM Ltd.
K8319 Meggitt PLC, Meggitt Thermo Systems
K8329 Fernau Avionics Ltd.
K8753 Linread Northbridge Redditch
K8867 Land Instruments International
KA739 Interturbine Logistik Ltd.
KA815 Headset Services Ltd.
KA966 AAXICO Europe
KA980 Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems Ltd.
KB018 Pattonair Ltd.
KB335 A. J. Walter Aviation Ltd.
KB703 Firth Rixson Turbine Rings
KC025 Bowmonk Ltd.
KC804 Chelton Radomes
KCZR2 A & I Accessory Ltd.
KE041 Oakenhurst Aircraft Services Ltd.
KE172 Lomas Engineering Ltd.
L0098 Array Systems Computing Inc.
L0171 Alpine Aerotech Ltd.
L0336 TFI Aerospace Corp.
L0428 DAC Aviation International, LTEE
L0618 CableTest Systems, Inc.
L0672 DCM Aeronautic Div.
L0695 Aeropol Aviation Services Corp.
L0745 Routes AstroEngineering
L0808 Matrix Technology Ltd.
L1115 Flight Support Services of Canada
L1350 Pratt & Whitney Canada, Accessories
L4431 C & R Development Inc.
L5383 Interturbine Logistik GmbH - Canada
L6550 Evergreen Maintenance Center, Inc.
L6835 Earth Alive
L7553 Global Parts Support, Inc.
M0024 Crouzet Group
N2141 Volvo Aero Norge AS
OC0C7 Parvus Corp.
OESK8 Sabreliner Corp.
OMFE3 Uni-Systems LLC
OV9L4 The Burns Group
OVUS2 Wings Aviation Services, Inc.
OYA32 Matec Instrument Cos., Inc.
OZEM6 American Astronautical Society
QA104 ST Aerospace Systems Pte. Ltd.
QA291 AAXICO Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd.
QA293 Hypercoat Enterprises Pte. Ltd.
QB284 Interturbine Logistik GmbH - Singapore
QB462 United Aviation (Singapore) Pte Ltd
QUEE7 Vitta Corp.
R1120 Satair A/S
R1221 Axa Power UK
R1775 Danish Aerotech A/S
R1775 PD Aerotech
R3504 Danish Aerotech A/S
R3512 Total Aviation Ltd. A/S
R3867 Leki Aviation A/S
RS146 K. Lacey (Engineers & Designers) Ltd.
S0204 Bet Shemesh Engines, Ltd.
S0585 Vaisala S.A.
S2514 Sabena technics
S3105 ALU Menziken Industrie AG
S3960 Vibro-Meter S.A.
S4096 Shimadzu Corp., Aircraft Equipment Div.
S4276 Tokyo Aircraft Instrument Co., Ltd.
S4866 Shenyang Liming Aero Engine Group Corp.
S4883 TAT Technologies - KMN
S5006 Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
S5065 JAMCO Corp.
S5141 Koito Industries, Ltd.
S5503 Carmiel Composite Industry Ltd.
S5503 Cyclone Aviation Products Ltd.
S5587 Air Target Sweden AB
S6058 Deutsch Dagan Ltd.
S6070 Elbit Systems Electro-Optics ELOP Ltd.
S7040 RSL Electronics Ltd.
S7870 WSK PZL-Rzeszow S.A.
S8699 Aircraft Accessories & Components Co. Ltd.
SA172 Dowell Aviation Pte. Ltd.
SA183 TPA Pte. Ltd.
SA221 Avio-Diepen
SA287 W. H. Brennan & Co. Pte. Ltd.
SA350 Rotem Industries, Crystals Division
SB968 SR Technics Switzerland
SBT45 Interturbine Logistik GmbH - South Africa
SD604 Aero Maoz Ltd.
SD715 Tumo Oy
SDE34 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
SEALA LKD Aerospace Inc.
SF188 Interturbine Logistik GmbH - P.R. China
SG215 Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.
SG558 Aero Win Technology Corp.
SG593 Showa Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.
SH234 Marotta Ireland Ltd.
SH698 Topcast Aviation Supplies Co., Ltd.
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SJ673 LOGIX Gulf Aviation
SK477 BES Systems Ltd.
SV207 Hamilton Sundstrand Customer Support
SY470 Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina S.A.
T0258 Jet Aviation Singapore
T0544 TUSAS Aerospace Industries, Inc.
T0802 Lisi Aerospace FT Bestas
U0088 Pall Aerospace
U00E5 Cirrus Systems Ltd.
U0546 KEC Ltd.
U0619 Iconpolymer Ltd.
U0625 B-N Group Ltd.
U0787 British Filters Ltd.
U1584 Dzus Fasteners
U1585 Honeywell Hymatic
U1586 Chadburns PT Ltd.
U1601 Airborne Systems
U1603 HS Marston Aerospace Ltd.
U1623 Microfiltrex
U1623 Microfiltrex Ltd.
U1746 Thales Optronics (Taunton) Ltd.
U1816 EDO MBM Technology Ltd.
U1849 Bunce (Ashbury) Ltd.
U1907 Chelton (Electrostatics) Ltd.
U1982 Nicholsons Sealing Technologies Ltd.
U2110 Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows
U2164 James Walker & Co. Ltd.
U3152 Adams Aviation Supply Co., Ltd.
U3614 Moog Controls Ltd.
U3635 Pulsar Developments Ltd.
U3968 Teledyne Reynolds Ltd.
U4271 Engine Control & Electrical Power Systems,
Engine Control Systems (Engine Control &
Electrical Power Systems)
U4287 Engine Control & Electrical Power Systems,
Engine Control Systems (Engine Control &
Electrical Power Systems)
U4512 Pascall Electronics Ltd.
U4628 ZOK International Group Ltd.
U4803 Specialist Technologies Ltd.
U5756 Aeromech Ltd.
U5756 Aeromech International Resources Ltd.
U5851 Microturbo Ltd.
U5897 Specialist Technologies Ltd.
U5F09 AmSafe Bridport
U6273 Euravia Engineering & Supply Co. Ltd.
U6330 Blanc Aero Industries UK Ltd.
U6712 Logica UK Ltd. Transport
U7387 Propeller Systems
U7709 McNaughton Dynamics Ltd.
U7736 Sensor Security
U7905 J R Technology Ltd.
U7941 AgustaWestland International Ltd.
U7972 AMS Systems Engineering, Ltd.
U8429 S.I.R.S. Navigation Ltd.
U8534 Techsearch
U9231 Engine Control & Electrical Power Systems,
Engine Control Systems (Engine Control &
Electrical Power Systems)
U9327 Aerolux Ltd.
U9945 Spectrum Technologies Plc.
V5902 Sabre Ballistics
X1008 E.U.A. Air Support, Inc.
X4731 RTB-Relli Technology Belgium N.V.
X7095 Carl G. Hokanson & Associates Inc.
XR784 Critical Software S.A.
Z0784 Honeywell Normalair-Garrett Australia, Repair
& Overhaul
Z0784 Honeywell Normalair-Garrett Australia
Z0E11 H-Aircraft Spares Pty. Ltd.
Z1392 Honeywell Normalair-Garrett Australia,
Aerospace Manufacturing Div.
Z1392 Honeywell Normalair-Garrett Australia
Z1392 Honeywell Normalair-Garrett Australia,
Merchandising Div.
Z1617 Static Engineering Pty. Ltd.
Z1V16 M. R. Materia & Associates Pty. Ltd.
Z5246 Avtronics (Australia) Pty. Ltd.
Z5P78 Flite Path
Z7J69 Aerosweep Pty. Ltd.
ZA014 Aviall Australia/Pty. Ltd.
ZX948 Interturbine Advanced Composites Pty Ltd.
ZY210 Aviaquip Pty. Ltd.
00048 Abrams Instrument Corp.
00060 HARCO
00062 Marine Electric Systems Inc., CML MACARR Div.
000Y2 Mills/Sterling Aerospace, Inc.
000Y2 Milspec Plating Co.
00141 Precision Industrial Components LLC
00178 Aircraft Maintenance Support Services Ltd.
00204 ECI
00210 Westberg Manufacturing, Inc.
00268 CEF Industries, Inc.
00270 Delta Industries
00300 A. E. Petsche Co.
00334 Sud-Chemie Performance Packaging
00365 TLD ACE
00385 Airborne Overhaul
00385 R & B Aircraft Supply, Inc.
00459 WEBA, Inc.
00471 Dow-Key Microwave
00515 OCV Control Valves
00539 Del Mar Avionics
00624 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
00624 Eaton, Aerospace Operations, Eaton Corp.,
Aerospace Operations, Conveyance Systems Division
0064V PressCut Industries, Inc.
00679 Castle Industries Inc. of California
00742 Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
00768 Western Filament, Inc.
00779 Tyco Electronics
00815 NEL Frequency Controls, Inc.
00929 Microlab-FXR
00986 Chromalloy Connecticut
00988 Sioux Tools, Inc.
00994 Columbus Jack Corp
00FF1 Werner Aero Services
00HA3 Planar Systems, Inc.
00HL0 Free Software Foundation
00JR8 Eclipse Aeronautical
00N03 TMT Research Development, Inc.
00NM4 AI Systems International Corp.
00Q22 Aerospace Distributors Inc.
00Q22 Aerospace Group of Cos.
00TC9 Performance Aircraft Services, Inc.
00U12 Bell Power Systems, Inc.
00V44 INAir Aviation Services Co.
00WV9 Rocky Mountain Straight Flight, Inc.
00ZP8 Ansett Aircraft Spares & Services
01012 Armstrong Precision Components, Ltd.
01014 Avtron Aerospace Inc
01037 TSC-Pyroferric
010V5 BSA International Aerospace Co.
0117B EADS Military Transport Aircraft Div.
01195 Organic Products, Co.
01263 Major Tool & Machine, Inc.
01276 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
01315 Precision Machine Works, Inc.
01359 Fairchild Controls Corp.
01378 Spellman High Voltage Valhalla
01393 Servco Industrial
01413 Air Logistics Corp.
01556 Heli-Coil
016A9 Triumph Air Repair
01760 Airdrome Precision Components
01852 Thomas Electronics, Inc.
01AU3 DEC Technologies, Inc.
01DQ9 Coastal Optical Systems, Custom Lens Div.
01FK3 Sulzer Metco (U.S.) Inc.
01FX2 Aero Dynamix, Inc.
01FX8 Turboanalisis, Inc.
01JM3 Spaceport Systems International, L.P.
01KC1 Weldtool Technologies Inc.
01RR2 G & H Aerospace
01TP3 AAA Air Support
01UV6 RMS Technology, Inc.
01YD5 Helicopter Parts International, Inc.
02005 Haydon Switch & Instrument, Inc.
02009 RdF Corp.
02024 Photo-Sonics, Inc.
02045 Questar Corp.
020V7 PacMin Inc.
02101 Pacific Scientific Electro Kinetics Div.
02108 Spiral Tool Corp.
02121 Goodrich Corp., Actuation Systems
02145 The Richards Corp.
02250 South Bend Controls
02382 Gros-Ite Ind.
023Y7 Test Equipment Connection
02403 Turbine Engine Components Technologies Corp.
024P2 Airline Component Parts, Inc.
02571 Essex Engineering & Manufacturing Co. Inc.
02642 R. G. Hansen & Associates
02654 Daytronic Corp.
02697 Parker Hannifin Corp. Seal Group, O-Ring Division
026JO Clairex Technologies, Inc.
02708 Regent Manufacturing, Inc.
02750 Eaton Aerospace, Sensing & Controls
02845 Communications & Power Industries,
Communication & Medical Products Div.
02939 The A.I.D. Corp.
02953 P. L. Porter Controls, Inc.
02954 Premier Metal Products, Co.
02995 Oppenheimer Precision Products Inc.
029Q4 Precision Glass Technologies
02AY5 Premier Metal Supply, Inc.
02ER0 MagChem, Inc.
02HB7 Interface Air Repair Inc.
02HV2 APC Components, Inc.
02KW8 Airmark International
02KX1 AMI Industries, Inc.
02KZ1 Goodrich Corp., Burlington Service Center
(Landing Gear)
02LQ9 Spectrum Aeromed, Inc.
02TL6 R & D Dynamics Corp.
02XC1 ATK Launch Systems
02ZD5 Capital Avionics, Inc.
03007 H. A. Guden Co., Inc.
03024 Senior Aerospace Ketema
03033 Plastifab/Leed Plastics
03034 Penn Keystone Corp.
03089 Thermo BLH, Inc.
0308Q Alloys International, Inc.
030A2 Western Aero Services Inc.
031X5 Victory Ground Support Equipment Co.
03240 Lift-A-Loft Corp.
03296 Nylon Molding Corp.
032T9 Checkers Industrial Products Inc.
03306 Ampco Metal, Inc.
03355 E.V. Roberts
03487 Andrea Systems LLC
034BB Winter Aircraft Products, S.A.
03530 American Gas & Chemical Co., Ltd.
03673 Stein Seal, Co.
03683 Apco Mossberg Torque Tool Co.
03705 Apex-Cooper Power Tools
03829 General Scientific Corp.
038S4 Styles Aviation, Inc.
03929 Carter Manufacturing Corp.
03947 Micro Networks
03972 Curtiss-Wright Controls Integrated Sensing
03AL5 Southwest Avionics, Inc.
03BF3 MacSema, Inc.
03KE3 Shadin Avionics
03LU8 Tug-A-Lug, Inc.
03MN5 Collier Research Corp.
03PT6 Underwood-Instrument Services, Inc.
03PV8 PS Engineering, Inc.
03RL1 ACT Fastening Solutions
03SP5 European Logistics
03SQ4 Northstar Turbine LLC
03YH5 Technical Concepts Inc.
04042 Industrial Acoustics Co. Inc.
04050 Hi-Line
04171 Magnetic Seal Corp.
042G6 Phoenix Products, Inc.
042V0 Associated Sales International
04319 The Advanced Products Business Unit
04367 Garsite/Progress, LLC
04367 GNY Equipment Llc
04426 I.T.W. Switches
04435 Jettron Products, Inc.
04435 Electrical & Machining Design Co.
04435 Dunlap & Associates Services, Inc.
04577 Carleton Technologies, Inc.
04597 Projects Unlimited, Inc.
04810 Ashland Electric Products, Inc.
04811 Precision Coil Spring Co.
04820 Hermetic Seal Corp.
04823 Tactair Fluid Controls Inc.
04823 Tactair Fluid Controls, Customer Support
04836 Jamaica Bearings
04849 ARI Industries, Inc.
04866 ND Industries, Inc.
04901 Boonton Electronics Corp.
04926 Piasecki Aircraft Corp.
04946 Standard Wire & Cable Co.
04967 Fastener Specialty, Inc.
04971 Rantec Microwave Systems, Inc.
04AD7 Meridian Technologies, Inc.
04AX3 Genesis Filtration, Inc.
04EJ9 Flightcom Corp.
04JW4 Preferred Aviation, Inc.
04MK4 Triumph Interiors LLC
04SQ1 Air Carrier Accessory Service, Inc.
04UX7 Potters Industries, Inc.
04VM9 U.S. Technical
05084 A.W. Sperry Instruments Inc.
05127 Networks Electronic Co. LLC
05141 McMellon Bros. Inc.
05157 Cohu, Inc., Electronics Division
05167 Pacific Scientific HTL/Kin-Tech Div.
05182 Apex Precision Technologies, Inc.
05211 RAMI
05228 PTI Technologies, Inc.
05259 Container Research Corp.
052B7 Everest VIT, Inc.
05418 Reeder & Kline Machine Co., Inc.
05464 IEE
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05574 Viking Ltd.
05574 Viking Electronics Inc.
05593 Icore International Inc.
05617 IDD Aerospace Corp.
05617 In-Services Europe (HQ)
05617 In-Services Asia Ltd.
05624 GE Aviation Mechanical Systems,
Environmental Control
0568Z Falstrom Co.
05699 General Dynamics Armament & Technical
Products, Marion Operations
056C4 Flight Director, Inc.
056D8 Geotest/Marvin Test Systems
056F6 Sky Mart Sales Corp.
05803 Nycote Laboratories Corp.
05813 Kreisler Industrial Corp.
05852 Thermo Fisher Scientific
05867 Fine Organics Corp.
05972 Henkel Corp.
05980 Arde, Inc.
05986 Pratt & Whitney AutoAir, Inc.
05AP4 Southern Reinforced Plastics, Inc.
05BC4 VMS Aircraft Co.
05BU0 Kidde Dual Spectrum
05CJ9 Techtrix, Inc.
05DY7 Amtec Corp.
05FF9 Northstar Aerospace Turbine Engine Service
05GB5 Med-Air Inc.
05GC0 Vitesse Aviation Inc.
05HN1 Omnigas Systems, Inc.
05KC3 Global Turbine Component Technologies LLC
05RN8 GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms
05RS1 Northeast Aero Compressor Corp.
05SB9 Jalux Americas, Inc.
05WG3 JM International
05ZU2 Cargo Systems, Inc.
06003 Kidde Fire Trainers, Inc.
06032 Antenna Products Corp.
06065 Newport Aeronautical Sales Corp.
06090 Tyco Electronics (Aerospace & Defense)
06097 Hoffman Engineering Corp.
060A4 Mid-State Aerospace, Inc.
06141 L-3 Communications Corp., Aviation
06144 Industrial Tectonics Bearings Corp.
06177 Pneudraulics, Inc.
061G8 Advanced Navigation & Positioning Co.
06209 Cal-Draulics, Inc.
06239 AUSCO, Inc.
06324 Glenair, Inc.
06329 ASC Industries
06341 Products Techniques, Inc.
06383 Panduit Corp.
063K6 TPS Aviation, Inc., St. Louis
06402 E-T-A Circuit Breakers
06425 Presray
06433 General Electrodynamics Corp.
064T2 Delt Industries, Inc.
06535 Metalcraft, Inc.
06581 Allan Aircraft Supply Co., LLC
06659 Testek, Inc.
06660 A. L. Johnson Co.
06682 Magnetic Shield Corp.
06689 Exotic Metals Forming Co.
06689 Exotic Metals Forming Co. LLC-Aircraft
066J0 Aero Support, Inc.
06710 Valley-Todeco, Inc.
06742 Taylor Devices, Inc.
06773 Timber-Top, Inc.
06811 Systron Donner Inertial
068H2 Unison Industries
06929 Mask-Off Co. Inc.
06970 Tuthill Controls Group
06993 Senior Aerospace Composites
069X9 LaSalle Electric Supply
06EF4 Turbine Technologies, Ltd.
06QJ8 Cullimore & Ring Technologies, Inc.
06QU9 Avsupport Online
06QZ8 Extex Ltd.
06WH3 Emteq, Inc.
07053 Ramsay Engineering Co.
07068 Aviall Airstocks Ltd.
07068 Aviall Services, Inc.
07068 Aviall Pte. Ltd.
07068 Aviall, Inc.
07068 Aviall New Zealand Ltd.
07068 Aviall, Product Repair Services
070C0 Process Equipment & Supply, Inc.
07107 F.P.I., Inc., Hydrodyne Div.
07126 Digitran
07132 Spec Tool Co.
07147 Flightline Electronics, Inc.
07147 Horizon Aerospace
07150 Electro-Mech Components, Inc
07198 Masco Service Corp.
071U1 Amco Products, Inc.
07203 Thermal Circuits, Inc.
07218 CoorsTek/Tetrafluor
07240 The Zippertubing Co.
07418 Joslyn Sunbank Co., LLC
07421 L-3 Interstate Electronics Corp.
07431 Jet-Lube, Inc.
07484 Accurate Bushing Co. Inc.
074K4 Certified Aviation Services
07540 Benedict-Miller, LLC
07554 CTL Aerospace Inc.
07556 Unitrack Industries, Inc.
07571 Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc.
07586 Kornylak Corp.
07601 Ceramaseal
07639 GE Aviation Electrical Power Systems
07679 Hardware Specialty Co., Inc.
07690 BAE SYSTEMS Electronic & Integrated
Solutions Operating Group
07703 ATK Launch Systems
07703 ATK Launch Systems Group
07763 Woolf Aircraft Products, Inc.
07766 TTE, Inc.
07907 Becker Avionics, Inc.
079J4 AVCOM Avionics & Instruments, Inc.
07CD0 Euro-Composites Corp.
07FS0 ClickSoftware, Inc.
07KQ5 D & D Enterprises
07L28 Syagen Tech.
07LF1 Intersky, Inc.
07MZ6 Apical Industries
07QY4 APEX Engineering
07RD7 Rocky Mountain Composites, Inc.
07RH0 Precision Heliparts, Inc.
07TN0 Strategic Displays
08086 Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group
08111 MF Electronics Corp.
08118 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
08199 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
08278 Dorlec Corp.
08295 Martin Aircraft Tool Co.
082K1 Advantage Aviation Technologies, Inc.
08484 Breeze-Eastern Corp.
08484 Breeze-Eastern Corp.
084Y3 Phoenix Metal Products, Inc.
08529 B. H. Aircraft Co., Inc.
08576 Everpure, LLC
08647 Precision Engineering & Manufacturing Co.
08659 Brightboy Abrasives, Inc.
08664 Bristol Babcock
08716 Cableco
08719 Ducommun Technologies, Inc.
08748 ELDEC Corp./Crane Aerospace & Electronics
088Y8 Aviation Technologies
08918 Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group
08992 AGM Container Controls, Inc.
08996 General Pneumatics Corp.
08BH6 Eagle Aviation Graphics
08HK5 Air Technology Engines Inc.
08JA8 Dutch Valley Supply Co.
08LL9 Fiber Art, Inc.
08MA2 Benchmark Connector Corp.
08MJ8 NanoMaterials, Inc.
08UY3 American Cooler Service, Inc.
08XL0 Professional Aircraft Accessories, Inc.
08XW0 Aero Industrial Tool Co.
08ZC0 Aeroflex Altair Cybernetics Corp.
09033 Unison Industries, Slick Aircraft Products
09033 Unison Industries
09049 Custom Control Sensors, Inc.
09055 Bal Seal Engineering Co., Inc.
09080 Logus Microwave
090R9 Magna Technologies, Inc.
09106 M. M. Newman Corp., Heli-Tube Div.
09106 M. M. Newman Corp., Antex Div.
09106 M. M. Newman Corp.
09111 Timken Bearing Inspection, Inc.
09137 WD-40 Co.
091X8 Desser Tire & Rubber Co., Aircraft Tire
09257 Busak1Shamban, Inc., Aerospace Products
09330 Smooth-On, Inc.
09344 Rockwell Collins Goverment Systems
09359 Minco Products, Inc.
09384 CEC Vibration Products, Inc.
09445 Dukes, Inc.
09455 Transport Dynamics Corp.
09456 Qualiseal Technology
09456 Quality Control Corp.
09511 Irvin Aerospace Canada Ltd.
09526 Semco Instruments, Inc.
09675 Raytheon Systems Canada Ltd.
09691 L-3 Communications Electronic Systems Inc.
0976G Aviation Service
09959 Aircraft Instruments Co.
099V1 Global Filtration, Inc.
09BU7 Aircraft Inventory Management Services, Inc.
09DX5 R. L. Caneen & Co.
09FR8 Mountain Optech, Inc.
09JX5 All Spares, Inc.
09LM7 Presagis, Inc.
09PC1 Advanced Airborne Service Inc.
09PG6 Jet Parts Engineering, Inc.
09TS1 L-3 Communications - Brashear
09XN1 Interturbine Logistik GmbH - USA / Texas
0A0L8 Vermont Composites, Inc.
0A0R8 Premier Air Center, Inc.
0A1S4 Rolite Co.
0A307 Jet-Lube of Canada Ltd.
0A485 Vista Manufacturing, Inc.
0A4F5 KOR Electronics, Inc.
0A638 Westar Aerospace & Defense Group, Inc.
0A6G0 Hexatron Engineering Co., Inc.
0A6R1 Epner Technology Inc.
0A7P9 Newport Industrial Glass, Inc.
0A8YA C & D Zodiac Inc.
0A9E1 Reade Advanced Materials
0A9E1 Reade International Ltd., S.A.
0A9J5 Aerosource, Inc.
0A9N8 BAI Aerosystems, Inc.
0AAD7 JeTool
0AAD7 Chesaning Manufacturing Co., Inc.
0ABG4 Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.
0ABZ0 Air Traders, Inc.
0ACH4 Goodrich Corp., Singapore Service Center
0ACH4 Goodrich Corp., Interiors
0AE57 Sensor Scientific, Inc.
0AEN5 Advanced Composite Technology, Inc.
0AF71 STS Corp.
0AFL4 Champion Aerospace
0AH98 Mize Enterprise Corp.
0AHE0 Quality Aircraft Tooling, Inc.
0AHM7 Valley Design Corp.
0AJJ0 De-Icing & Specialty Systems (Sensors &
Integrated Systems)
0AJW9 Test Systems, Inc.
0ALN0 Tecdia, Inc.
0ALT2 Alcoa, Inc.
0AM99 JMS Southeast Inc.
0AMA6 Clamshell Buildings
0AMM9 Unit Industries, Inc.
0ANM8 Onsrud Machine Co. Ltd.
0APN6 Jet Service Enterprises, Inc.
0AR74 Aircraft Window Repairs Co.
0ARM3 Chromalloy Israel Ltd.
0ARY2 Skycraft, Inc.
0AU00 Genie Products, Inc.
0AX86 Sprague Magnetics Inc.
0AXF7 Camar Aircraft Parts Co.
0AZS7 Washington Alloy Co.
0B0B2 Santa Barbara Infrared
0B0U5 Rebel Experimental Engines Inc.
336 m 5 mfr. d 5 dstr. r 5 repair/overhaul s 5 svc. ‘5 Military Supplier f 5 Small Business v 5 Small Disadvantaged Business
0B2S0 Life Support International, Inc.
0B370 Halko Industries II, Inc.
0B3Z4 Derco Repair Services, Inc.
0B591 Helicopter Support, Inc., Services Div.
0B5D2 Air Concepts International, Inc.
0B6T9 BFE, Inc.
0B6T9 BFE Services
0B9E8 Enviro Systems, Inc.
0B9F4 Rocket Air Supply, Inc., A Division of RKR
Technologies Ltd.
0B9R6 TYX Corp.
0B9R9 Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems
0BAA5 Helicopter Component Services, Inc.
0BAW0 Tecstar Demo Systems Div.
0BC70 Power Products, Inc.
0BCW9 PIC Wire & Cable
0BDL0 Lufthansa Technik Composite Tulsa
0BGE3 MDS Aero Support Corp.
0BME5 California Standoff, Inc.
0BMR4 Burle Industries, Inc.
0BNY8 Avionix Corp.
0BPA9 Mitchell-Hughes Co.
0BRX6 Helicopter Parts & Service Corp.
0BWV6 Aeroframe Airepairs Llc
0BXR0 Aerospace Fittings
0BXW5 Governors America Corp.
0BYW8 Honeywell Lighting & Electronics
0C2J3 Executive Technical Services, Inc.
0C7EG Pacific Aero Tech, Inc.
0C7V7 QP Semiconductor
0C916 Timken Aerospace Services
0CAR9 Omnibyte Corp.
0CB75 Heli-Mart, Inc.
0CBB4 GTA Containers, Inc.
0CD56 Aircraft Hinge, Inc.
0CEP2 Aurora Optics, Inc.
0CGG7 WichiTech Industries, Inc.
0CJN2 Aviation Technology, Inc.
0CKJ1 Bio-Cide International, Inc.
0CKWZ Thermo Elemental
0CM67 Copeland Manufacturing Corp.-James Div.
0CMF7 Argo-Tech Corp., Customer Support
0CPC9 Four Star Accessory Overhaul
0CTE8 Advanced Composites Inc.
0CU21 Dee Aircraft Supply Co., Inc.
0CUF4 LKD Aerospace Inc.
0CYX7 TranSpec Fasteners, Inc.
0CZW2 Kaycom Inc.
0D0D0 BAE SYSTEMS, Communications,
Navigation, Identification & Reconnaissance
0D2W7 Dinter Engineering Co.
0D3R1 Quest International Inc.
0D4J3 Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc.
0D4K2 Nu-Cast, Inc.
0D4Z0 Butler Parachute Systems, Inc.
0D6M3 Aitech Defense Systems, Inc.
0D9X5 Carp Industries Corp.
0DGJ0 Drake Air Inc.
0DHU8 Aonix
0DLY8 Specmat Technologies, Inc.
0DRX9 Advanced Testing Technologies, Inc.
0DS74 USA Information, Inc.
0DT23 Argo -Tech Corp., Carter Ground Fueling Div.
0DY94 Excalibur Systems, Inc.
0DY94 Excalibur Systems Ltd.
0DZR6 Contract Fabrication & Design, Inc.
0E0Z8 Aerospace Manufacturing Inc.
0E1A0 Red Barn Machine, Inc.
0E3Y1 Aviation Technology, Inc.
0E6G0 A-L-L Magnetics Inc.
0E6H7 Advanced Industries, Inc.
0ECR1 Aviation Instrument Services, Inc.
0ECY7 Computational Mechanics, Inc.
0ED96 Heatcon Composite Systems
0EEY2 Communications-Applied Technology
0EF50 Kee Industrial Products, Inc.
0EFC6 National Aerospace Supply
0EFK4 ITC Electronics
0EFK5 Bethpage Associates, Inc.
0EHK9 Harter Industries, Inc.
0EK96 Chemical Cloth Co.
0ELZ7 Garrett Metal Detectors, Security Div.
0EM86 Southern States Aviation
0EPR3 Aeronautical Systems, Inc.
0ERB9 DRS Laurel Technologies
0ESF5 Aviation Laboratories, Inc.
0EU86 Austin Semiconductor, International
0EUD7 United Aeronautical Corp.
0EUH6 Aiconics, Inc.
0EUW0 Innovative Solutions & Support, Inc.
0EW15 Plastiques Flexibulb, Inc.
0EXK2 DeCrane Aircraft Seating Co., Inc.
0EZU8 MBI Publishing
0F1D6 Basler Turbo Conversions, LLC
0F2A3 Enerdyne Technologies Inc.
0F335 Eastern Marking Machine Corp.
0F451 Richmond Aircraft Products, Inc.
0F620 CBS Fasteners, Inc.
0F7Z2 Science/Electronics, Inc.
0F8N8 Instrument Cases LLC
0FC44 Slingsby Advanced Composites
0FDA5 Radiall-Jerrik, Inc.
0FE13 Intusoft
0FGC4 Sey Tec Inc.
0FMV7 Avtron Aerospace Inc
0FPF7 Berry Plastics - Tapes & Coding Division
0FRR4 MASS Systems
0FRZ6 Nabtesco Aerospace
0FRZ9 Direct International, Inc.
0FUC8 Aeroproducts, Inc.
0FVD7 WireMasters Inc.
0FW99 Airmo, Inc.
0FWK8 Dixie Aerospace
0FWU6 Spectrum Target Technologies, Inc.
0FXF3 Aviation Repair Solutions, Inc.
0FYF2 Beta Diamond Products, Inc.
0GAZ0 KCI Enterprises, Inc.
0GB03 Eagle Industrial Truck, LLC
0GGX4 Roto-Jet of America Co., Inc.
0GHG1 Cannon Load Banks, Inc.
0GHS1 Avtec Inc. Aircraft Lighting
0GJJ8 Electronic Manufacturers Associated
0GKW5 J. R. Potter & Associates, Inc.
0GPF9 Mannings USA
0GPN2 Vaisala, Inc.
0GPP7 Applied Research Associates, Inc.
0GSB2 Global Imaging Inc.
0GSM6 Octagon Aerospace, Inc.
0GSY2 Alloy Metals Inc.
0GZF3 Heads Up Technologies
0GZV6 Aviation Equipment International, Inc.
0H202 T.O.L. Aviation, Inc.
0H231 Ballard Technology, Inc.
0H330 AJR Industries
0H3M4 Hatco Corp.
0H3R7 National Parachute Industries, Inc.
0H4L7 Thornton Technology Corp.
0H7G2 Mastsystem International Oy
0H927 Welcom
0H984 ST Aerospace Engineering Pte. Ltd.
0HD36 Phenix Technologies
0HES0 Device Technologies, Inc.
0HFG0 American Locker Security System, Inc.
0HG06 Rapitron International Ltd.
0HGX6 Douglass Interior Products, Inc.
0HKG3 Garmin AT, Inc.
0HLW6 Xactex Corp.
0HM39 ARC Technologies
0HMN2 Simtek Corp.
0HSA4 Aero Simulation, Inc.
0HV29 Action Aircraft Parts
0HV29 Action Aircraft, L.P.
0HX87 TW Metals
0HZT7 Sun Air Parts, Inc.
0J2J9 NORDAM Transparency Div.
0J437 Varga Enterprises, Inc.
0J4E7 Array Connector Corp.
0JB79 Caliber Sales Engineering Inc.
0JGJ8 GMS International Corp.
0JGK4 Sensor Developments, Inc.
0JHC9 DAC International, Inc.
0JHG6 Accel Connectors, Inc.
0JJ56 B.I. International Inc.
0JM09 NIACC Avitech Technologies
0JMC9 Dynavac
0JMJ9 MTP, Inc.
0JRT7 Aero Controls, Inc.
0JU93 Milpar, Inc.
0JV78 J.M. Precision, Inc.
0JVH6 P-T Technologies Inc.
0JWE8 AdChem Mfg. Tech, Inc.
0JWP4 Metal-Katcher Co. Inc.
0JX46 A.C.T. Supply Corp.
0JYA2 Mercury GSE
0JYA2 Mercury Rentals
0K311 Precise Flight, Inc.
0K3P2 Southern California Radar & Microwave
Service, Inc.
0K564 PCC Schlosser
0K5H8 L-3 Advanced Laser Systems Technology Inc.
0K7E4 RGB Spectrum
0K7M2 Aerolyte Systems
0K955 Coltech, Inc.
0K9M4 Hadco Engineering, Inc.
0K9V8 J. D. Lincoln, Inc.
0KB19 Jet Edge
0KD76 Strider Aviation Inc.
0KE00 AutoClear
0KJM9 Aselsan Elektronik San Vetic A.S.
0KMW9 The Cleveland Instrument Corp.
0KNK8 Global Helicopter Technology, Inc.
0KRW1 Better Engineering Manufacturing, Inc.
0KSD2 Teco Precision Inc.
0KV85 Swensair Parts
0KWA1 Tarpon Technical Writers
0KXA5 Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings
0KY50 Trans-Continental Aviation
0KY54 Air Medic, LLC
0KZV7 Texas Composite, Inc.
0KZZ5 Ansonics
0L040 Chemetall Oakite
0L106 Arrow Energy, Inc.
0L6H3 United Flight Accessories of California
0L844 Cv International, Inc.
0L8C9 Solvent-Kleene, Inc.
0LCT6 Analytical Graphics, Inc.
0LE59 Wire Cut Co. Inc.
0LFK5 Becker & Associates, Inc.
0LGT4 MAC Aerospace Corp.
0LMS8 PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P.
0LMZ7 Aurora Flight Sciences
0LN15 Rosen Aviation
0LRK3 Instrument Pro, Inc.
0LTU8 HEICO Component Repair Group
0LW70 Preco Aircraft Motors, Inc.
0LXP6 Intro Corp.
0LY22 Binghamton Simulator Co., Inc.
0LYF6 Jet Accessory Centre
0LZ73 Aviation Avionics & Instrument Corp.
0M1X8 Certified Thermoplastics Co., Inc.
0M2C4 FieldTech Avionics & Instruments, Inc.
0M2DD Space-Ray
0M5M7 Teklam Corp.
0M6Y9 Jan-Al Innerprizes, Inc.
0MCC8 Texas Almet Lp
0ME49 Non-Linear Systems
0MFL7 Powerturbine
0MGG7 Reed-Joseph International Co.
0MHD4 Ruggedtronics, Inc.
0MXR9 Wilkerson Instrument Co., Inc.
0MYY3 Hermes Technical International Inc.
0MZN3 R.C. Electronics
0MZN3 OFS Speciality Photonics Division
0N1G6 Seaside Helicopters, Inc.
0N7F4 PaneLite Engineering, Inc.
0NCH0 ST Aerospace Engines Pte. Ltd.
0NCJ6 McTurbine Inc.
0NDX3 Kennon Aircraft Covers
0NF21 Sun Electronic Systems, Inc.
0NH96 Plexsys Interface Products, Inc.
0NJ69 Cosgrove Aircraft Service, Inc.
0NMM2 Segers Aero Corp.
0NMV7 Vosky Precision Machining Corp.
0NNY1 Paratronix Inc.
0NRG6 Micro Industries Inc.
0NUM9 Mitchell Aircraft Spares, Inc.
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0NY26 SpaceDev Colorado
0NYA5 JDL Industries, Inc.
0P5L2 Cryotech Deicing Technology
0P818 Arizona Aircraft Accessories
0P9C7 Sesame Technologies, Inc.
0PAG3 Exel North America, Inc.
0PAZ9 Copper & Brass Sales
0PFJ1 Triumph Instruments & Avionics
0PFP1 Pan American Tool Corp.
0PJ94 Advanced Machine & Stretch Forming
International Inc.
0PJN9 Nanonics Corp.
0PKF6 Connector Microtooling Systems, Inc.
0PKJ3 Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc.
0PL04 Aerospace Technologies, Inc.
0PMS4 AOG Reaction, Inc.
0PN68 Ampex Data Systems Corp.
0PNB6 Saab Aerotech
0PWR5 Helicopter Accessory Service, Inc.
0PWV9 Aeromot Group
0PWX4 Av-Tech Industries, Inc.
0PYC7 Aerostar Engineering, Inc.
0PZF7 Polymer Technologies
0R3W1 Satair Asia Pte. Ltd.
0R3X9 Satair USA, Inc.
0R811 Carpenter Powder Products
0R8N4 Advanced Technical Materials, Inc.
0RCJ0 Western Airparts Corp.
0RCM7 World Aero Space, Ltd.
0RDU9 Silpak Inc.
0RDZ5 Laversab, Inc.
0RE04 Aviation Technology & Resources Inc.
0RGX4 Arrow Falcon Exporters Inc.
0RHU7 Akro Fireguard Products, Inc.
0RJ93 Pioneer UAV, Inc.
0RKD2 Sage Heater Co.
0RKD2 SAGE Corp.
0RM72 Division Scale Co., Inc.
0RMB7 IMP Group Ltd., Avionics Div.
0RMS2 Centorr/Vacuum Industries
0RUT9 American Autoclave Co.
0RXV9 J. D. Melvin Co.
0RY20 MCM Engineering Inc.
0RY43 Airframe International, Inc.
0S2E0 Hollis Electronic Co. LLC
0S3X2 Turbocam, Inc.
0S553 P.M. Research, Inc.
0S7P0 Wesco Manufacturing, Inc.
0S8S8 Enviro Tech International, Inc.
0SD05 Composite Fabrications Inc.
0SEV1 Perform Air International, Inc.
0SJM5 Devcon
0SLF7 The Haskell Co.
0SML3 AERO International, Inc.
0SNG2 Stevens Aviation, Inc.-Dayton
0SVE9 Intertrade
0T1F7 Anritsu Co.
0T1Y4 Precision Electronics LLC
0T652 Aero Specialties, Inc.
0T7G5 Cardinal Aerospace, Inc.
0T7G5 Cardinal Aerospace, Inc., Repair Div.
0T7T2 Avia-Dynamics Corp.
0TAN3 Reliance AeroProducts International, Inc.
0TD46 Aerotech Fasteners Inc.
0TD91 Spectrum Astro, Inc.
0TEZ4 Fuel Tech, Inc.
0TF60 Knight Aerospace Products, Inc.
0TKR7 Industrial Metals International Ltd.
0TM28 Avion Graphics, Inc.
0TNP8 Tech-Services, Inc.
0TPD7 Radomes, Inc.
0TPD7 Av-Ex Aviation Excellence
0TZM0 Aviation Ground Equipment Corp.
0U058 Essex PB&R; Corp.
0U3H6 Critical Operations, Inc.
0U6D2 W. R. Associates, Inc.
0U6T7 American Composites LLC
0U9P1 Hansair Logistics, Inc.
0UAH9 Associated Aero Service, Inc.
0UB07 Aviation Exteriors, Inc.
0UBE7 Unical Aviation Inc.
0UBY9 Gemini Engineering
0UCD8 Stoppani AG
0UE29 Elcor Universal Video
0UES3 Mid-America Aviation, Inc.
0UF62 King Aerospace, Inc.
0UFJ2 Metal Fusion, Inc.
0UJ55 Optima Batteries Inc.
0UPM1 E Tip, Inc.
0UT92 Luke Systems International, Inc.
0UU09 Jenco Electronics
0UUV7 Texas Arris Corp.
0UVG2 AeroAntenna Technology, Inc.
0UWA1 Perkins Aircraft Services, Inc.
0UXH5 Upsilon International Corp.
0UXT7 Master Alloys, Inc.
0UY92 Lapmaster International
0V0A1 Aer-X-Dust Corp.
0V0M4 Delta Aviation, Inc.
0V175 LRT, Inc.
0V1M7 Avionics International, Inc.
0V281 SDS International, Inc.
0V287 Maxi-Blast, Inc.
0V2Y1 Jones Aviation Service Inc.
0VDA9 MarkIV Luminator Aircraft Products
0VFC2 Knight Controls, Inc.
0VGA7 Ansett Aircraft Spares & Service UK
0VGY2 FARO Technologies Inc.
0VH53 Mission Technologies, Inc.
0VJ14 Corrosion Technologies Corp.
0VLH9 LC Technologies, Inc.
0VNM9 Sherex Industries
0VTE1 Sims Aviation, Inc.
0VTX0 S-TEC Corp.
0VUJ2 Aerospace Products International
0VV80 Heliponents Inc.
0VWE2 Tesla Industries Inc.
0VYJ4 Worldwide L.L.C.
0W0B1 Aspect Technology & Equipment, Inc.
0W503 Lincoln Associates
0W535 Sunrise Helicopter, Inc.
0W5M9 KME Diving Suits, Inc.
0W7V2 Containment Solutions, Inc.
0W9V1 Goff Enterprises, Inc.
0WDU1 Hewitt U.S.A.
0WE82 American Turbo Systems
0WEC9 EFW Inc.
0WFH5 Boone Air Parts, Inc.
0WFH6 Glendale International
0WJB9 Avio-Diepen Inc.
0WJB9 Avio-Diepen
0WMG6 International Machine & Tool Corp.
0WNM6 International Aircraft Lease & Finance, Inc.
0WSP2 ICx Radar Systems
0WTE9 Technology Products, Inc.
0WTF7 East Coast Aviation Supplies, Inc.
0WTG1 Applied Composites Engineering, Inc.
0WTN8 Universal Fabric Structures
0WU55 S.O.I. Aviation
0WU71 Ecolink, Inc.
0WW63 InterConnect Wiring
0WWM2 Chauhan Industries, Inc.
0WXG6 Advanced Systems Technologies, Inc.
0WY76 Oregon Aero, Inc.
0WYK0 Flight Components AG
0WZT3 A.O.G. Inc.
0X218 Sigma Transducers Inc.
0X293 Ceotronics Inc.
0X347 Aehr Test Systems
0XLV4 Airborne Components
0XLX7 Heli Tech
0XPW4 B & G Instruments, Inc.
0XSP2 Canam Aerospace Inc.
0XT56 Nu-Tech Industries, Inc.
0XZ70 California Precision Hydraulics, Inc.
0Y2T0 Aero Express, Inc.
0Y3R6 Messier Services Americas
0Y4P4 Elite Structural Services Inc.
0Y5M9 Design, Analysis & Research Corp.
0YBF0 American Valley Aviation
0YBJ9 Omnia Sales Inc.
0YC41 Kiepura Aviation Corp.
0YFP0 Honeywell Inertial & Sensor Systems
0YG96 DuganAir Technologies Inc.
0YJ46 Infinity Technology
0YJB5 General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.
0YLG3 B & L International
0YML0 International Aero Interiors, Inc.
0YND5 Superior Metal Shapes, Inc.
0YNM4 K-Tech Aviation
0YNP2 Jetaire Aviation, Inc.
0YRF5 Aviation, Power & Marine, Inc.
0YRU3 Drexel International, Inc.
0YSA1 Stag Enterprise, Inc.
0YW01 Integrated Logistics, Inc.
0YX09 International Aero Hardware, Inc.
0YX11 Global Airtech International
0YY64 Command Electronics Co.
0Z7A3 S. A. Aerotec Industries, Inc.
0ZAU9 C & H Chemical
0ZAV8 DH Satellite
0ZC92 Heartland Precision Fasteners, Inc.
0ZFX2 Sky Cross Leasing Inc.
0ZJB2 Driessen
0ZKC5 Tracer Corp.
0ZMP4 BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft
0ZMP5 BAE SYSTEMS Regional Aircraft
0ZNB4 Billingsley Aerospace & Defense
0ZPA5 Turbine Tool Corp.
0ZSW1 Asil Aerospace Inc.
0ZT94 Brown Aviation Tool Supply Co.
0ZU14 Western Air International
0ZV99 Vital Link, Inc.
0ZWR6 Defense Trading Corp.
0ZX42 Eagle Industries International Inc.
0ZYB5 Monocle Industries, Inc.
0ZYM6 Airline Spares America, Inc.
10000 Sprague Systems Engineering
10000 Maney Aircraft, Inc.
10016 Neff Instrument Corp.
10025 Glasseal Products Inc.
10138 Astronautics Corp. of America
10138 Astronautics C.A. Ltd.
10210 Pacific Propeller International, LLC
10234 Triumph Fabrications-San Diego, Inc.
10303 Secondo Mona S. p. A.
10320 Redbird Electronics, Inc.
10346 Southern Avionics Co.
10383 Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp.
10402 Whelen Engineering Co.
104V1 Vacuum Reflex
10581 Magnetico Inc.
10591 Canton Drop Forge
10630 Anillo Industries, Inc.
10639 Avionics Specialties, Inc.
10640 Pacific Scientific
10695 Tiger Tractor Co.
10933 Avionic Instruments Inc. - REA International
11201 DeVal Corp.
11214 Hardigg Industries, Inc.
11245 Lytron, Inc.
11282 Triumph Instruments - Burbank
11312 Teledyne Technologies, Microwave Electronic
11314 National O-Rings
11332 Herley Farmingdale
11362 Stratoflex Products Div.
11371 BMT Aerospace Caratron Div.
11384 Kollmorgen Electro-Optical Div.
11534 BEI Duncan Electronics Div.
11599 Engine Control Systems (Engine Control &
Electrical Power Systems)
11599 Engine Control & Electrical Power Systems,
Engine Control Systems (Engine Control &
Electrical Power Systems)
11642 Charles A. Hulcher Co., Inc.
11673 Tech Manufacturing Co.
11815 Cherry Aerospace
11851 Daniels Manufacturing Corp.
11871 Recon/Optical, Inc.
11911 Solid State Electronics Corp.
11924 SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts
11963 Chrono-Log Corp.
12008 Spencer Industries, Inc.
12035 Sierracin/Sylmar Corp.
12050 BEI Precision Systems & Space Co.
120C2 CWF-Chemie Frankfurt GmbH
338 m 5 mfr. d 5 dstr. r 5 repair/overhaul s 5 svc. ‘5 Military Supplier f 5 Small Business v 5 Small Disadvantaged Business
12115 DRS Electronic Warfare & Network Systems,
12175 Unitron Lp.
12193 Technetics Corp.
12280 Cincinnati Electrical Tool, Inc.
12324 Stake Fastener Co.
12338 Sunair Communications, Inc.
12339 DRS Training & Control Systems, Inc.
12511 Goodrich Corp., Actuation Systems
12516 Jamaica Aerospace Co.
12522 StacoSwitch
12536 AMETEK Aerospace & Defense
12609 Charlotte Aircraft Corp.
12619 Krohn-Hite Corp.
12625 Spray Products Corp.
12673 Wesco Electrical Co.
12703 Judd Wire Inc.
12778 Valley Engravers, Inc.
12779 Servotronics, Inc.
12783 Coast Air Inc.
12794 Hexcel Structures
12814 Thermax/CDT
12849 Hampson
12855 TRAK Microwave
12867 Trilectron Industries, Inc.
12881 Metex Corp.
12969 Microsemi Corp.-Watertown
13027 TIMCO Aviation Services, Inc., Lake City Div.
13028 Associated Aircraft Supply Co., Inc.
13136 West Electronics, Inc.
13150 Molex Industrial Div.-New England Opns.
1324G Aircraft Industries, a. s.
13257 Amerace
13331 Tensitron, Inc.
13467 Associated Industries
13520 Western Filter Corp.
13567 ITT Industries, Defense Electronics &
Services, Night Vision Div.
13573 Velcon Filters, Inc.
13580 SIFCO Minneapolis
13624 Paine Electronics, LLC
13636 Barry Controls Aerospace
13636 Barry Controls, Defense & Industrial
13637 Ryan International Corp.
13691 Sensor Systems, Inc.
13779 LPI Corp.
13790 G & G Hydraulics Corp.
13859 King Nutronics Corp.
13871 Lenape Forged Products, Corp.
13899 Hydro Fitting Manufacturing Corp.
13923 L-3 Communications Telemetry-East
1396M ACTS
13991 Helio Precision
14058 Dewey Electronics Corp.
14178 Mensor Corp.
14221 McPherson, Inc.
14236 Heico Aerospace Parts Group
14242 Voss Industries Inc., Voss Aerospace Div.
14248 Harlow Aerostructures, LLC.
14439 Flamemaster Corp.
14466 Aero Products Research, Inc.
14506 Moisture Register Products
14532 The First Electronics Corp.
14545 Control Technology Co., Inc.
14552 Microsemi Corp.
14604 Elmwood Sensors, Inc.
14625 Harper Trucks, Inc.
14672 Aerosmith, Inc.
14720 Special Devices, Inc.
14752 Electrocube, Inc.
14776 TIA Galley Products
14844 FEI Communications
14923 Aerodyne Controls, Inc.
14949 Trompeter/Semflex
14990 The Permanent Magnet Co., Inc.
15060 Pickering Interfaces, Inc.
15147 Belleville Wire Cloth Co., Inc.
15151 Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.
15152 The Purdy Corp.
15175 L-3 Communications ESSCO Collins Ltd.
15175 L-3 Communications-ESSCO
15271 RTP Corp.
15332 Vibration Isolation Products
15438 Avia Marine Co.
15455 Elgenco, Inc.
15531 Machine Components Corp.
15580 Unholtz-Dickie Corp.
15580 Pennant Aviation, LLC
15586 Cushman Textron
15664 K & H Industries, Inc.
15755 Martek Power Abbott, Inc.
15814 C. R. Daniels Inc.
15851 Whitmor Wire & Cable Corp.
15851 Wirenetics Co.
15860 New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Astro Div.
15882 Sonobond Ultrasonics, Inc.
15887 Pacific Scientific Instruments
15941 United Industries, Inc.
15948 American Aerospace Controls, Inc.
15992 AeroParts Manufacturing & Repair, Inc.
16017 KGS Electronics, Inc.
16058 Telectro-Mek, Inc.
16059 ITW Devcon
16067 California Instruments Corp.
16074 Giddings & Lewis Machine Tools, LLC
16111 Rodale Electronics, Inc.
16115 Peco Manufacturing Co., Inc.
16126 GE Engine Services-Tri-Remanufacturing
16170 Teledyne Microelectronic Technologies
16326 ITT Cannon-BIW Connector Systems
16329 Airco Industries, Inc.
16357 Royal Plastic Mfg., Inc.
16387 Hy-Lifter GSE
16469 MCL, Inc.
16498 Motson Graphics, Inc.
16535 Milling Precision Tool Corp.
16553 Skytronics, Inc.
16554 Electroid Co.
16576 Hoover Industries, Inc.
16632 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
16632 Flexfab LLC
16632 Flexible Horizons International
16683 Pi Tape Corp.
16889 LeFiell Manufacturing Co.
16941 Long-Lok Fasteners Corp.
16951 Quantum Dynamics, Inc.
17023 Bruce Industries, Inc.
17068 Despatch Industries
17140 Aerospace Products Co.
17223 Farrar Aerospace, LLC
17282 Hitco Carbon Composites, Inc.
17475 Gulf Aerospace, Inc.
17564 Airglas, Inc.
17610 Goodrich Corp., Aircraft Interior Products
17772 Aero Engineering & Manufacturing Co.
17779 Climet Instruments
17976 Ansul/Tyco
17996 General Dynamics Armament & Technical
Products, Lincoln Operations
18076 Umpco, Inc.
18093 Safety Flag Co. of America
18138 Rama Corp.
18195 Celeste Industries Corp.
18265 Donaldson Co., Inc.
18316 Flow Technology, Inc.
18350 Pall Aeropower Corp.
18377 Parlex Corp.
18469 Servometer
18554 Orelube Corp.
18565 Parker Hannifin Corp., Chomerics Div.
18675 Marking Methods, Inc.
18736 Voltronics Corp.
18741 Kilovac Corp.
18783 Miraj Corp.
18965 Dynamic Air Engineering, Inc.
19016 Ansul/Tyco
19062 Essex Cryogenics of Missouri, Inc.
19070 EADmotors Inc.
19129 Pacific Aerodyne
19156 Moog Aircraft-Salt Lake City Operations
19176 Servo Instrument Corp.
19332 Aerofast, Inc.
19397 BAE SYSTEMS, Integrated Defense Solutions
19401 Hoefner Corp.
19424 Ederer Inc.
19476 Cicoil Corp.
19505 Applied Engineering Products
19623 GE Aviation Long Island
19648 Eldre Corp.
19710 MPC Products Corp.
19902 McGregor Manufacturing Corp.
1A319 Lamart Corp.
1A679 Lee Air Co., Inc.
1A796 Advanced Alloys, Inc.
1A821 Aero Kool Corp.
1B091 U.S. Airmotive, Inc.
1B0M7 Innovative Composite Engineering
1B1C7 Turbo Resources International
1B1R2 Renmark-Pacific Corp.
1B2J2 drj technologies
1B2T7 Erie Aviation Inc.
1B4X9 Apex Design Technology, Inc.
1B515 Rocky Mountain Avionics, Inc.
1B673 Unipak Aviation LLC
1B6R3 Middle River Aircraft Systems
1B731 Universal Technology Corp.
1B8L3 Ophir RF, Inc.
1B923 Forklift Parts Manufacturing, Inc.
1BAQ1 First Wave, Inc.
1BCP4 Polygon Aerospace
1BCX5 Tiger Enterprises & Trading, Inc.
1BF28 Environmental & Safety Associates
1BHR6 IAC Ltd.
1BJ28 Electronics Metal Finishing Corp.
1BK77 Alpine Aerotech Ltd.
1BKN4 Advanced Radiant Systems, Inc.
1BL41 Goode Engineering Corp.
1BL87 Vantage
1BMD3 Millennium International
1BNG7 Western Rotorcraft, Inc.
1BQ31 Air Supply International Inc.
1BQ57 C-Map/Aviation
1BT02 Marsh Aviation Co.
1BT62 Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded
Computing, Subsystems
1BUP8 American Innovations, Inc.
1BVA4 Sonatest, Inc.
1BXE5 Fostaire Helicopters
1BY41 Great Southwest Aviation Inc.
1C336 ESW-Extel Systems Wedel GmbH
1C597 I.M.P. Aerospace Components Ltd.
1C629 Strite Industries Ltd.
1C641 Northstar Aerospace-Windsor
1C739 West Heights Manufacturing
1C836 Shellcast Foundries Inc.
1C936 B.C. Instruments
1C954 Donlee Precision
1CA62 SEPAC, Inc.
1CB19 The Oceanus Co.
1CF78 Deskin Research Group, Inc.
1CHB6 BTL Machine
1CHW7 Avcomm International, Inc.
1CK27 Phoenix Air Group, Inc.
1CN40 The Zee Co., Inc.
1CNK3 Sun Aviation, Inc.
1CP32 Benz Co., Inc.
1CS28 Aero Technology
1CT50 Kamen Wiping Materials Co. Inc.
1CUX8 CTI Aerospace
1CY57 Yonir Technologies, Inc.
1CZP2 Advanced Aerospace Metals
1D2M2 H & L Instruments LLC
1D568 Suhner Manufacturing Inc.
1DA03 Stork H & E Turbo Blading, Inc.
1DA37 Morgan AM&T;
1DC53 Specialized Technical Components, Inc.
1DD63 Manson Co. Inc.
1DF57 Electric Power Equipment Co.
1DFT7 A & P Hydraulics, Inc.
1DG76 Aero Fabricators
1DH02 Design Engineering Analysis Corp.
1DH10 HRD Aero Systems, Inc.
1DHE7 H. Cross Co.
1DJ45 Roly International
1DN91 Standard Aero Parts Inc.
1DRD4 F.T.I., Inc.
1DRG1 Stavatti Heavy Industries, Ltd.
1DRL4 Support Air Inc.
1DRT7 Aerodyne Controls, Inc.
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1DT52 Buckley Industries, Inc.
1DWF8 Aircraft Security & Alert Systems LLC
1E3J5 Dakota Electronics, Inc.
1E559 Air Electro, Inc.
1E560 Airweld Inc.
1E696 Tenryu Industries Co., Ltd.
1EC37 Avcon Industries, Inc.
1EGL1 Patriot Aviation Services, Llc
1EPJ0 Merit Apparel Co., Inc.
1EPZ3 Kiepura Aviation Corp.
1ER88 Wilson Doors, Inc.
1ER97 A & D Foam Products
1F2K6 Argosy International Inc.
1F2K6 Argosy International, Inc., Taiwan Branch
1F647 Connector Distribution Corp.
1FF69 Armstrong Engineering Services
1FVR8 AAR Allen Asset Management
1FZ04 ESCO Turbine Technologies - Cleveland
1G5F7 TDG Aerospace, Inc.
1GA56 Export Consultants Corp., Inc.
1GC56 Antennas For Communications
1GD22 VertexRSI
1GD26 Aimtek, Inc.
1GE54 Propulsion Technologies International
1GFS6 Applied Heat, Inc.
1GJT5 National Aircraft Service, Inc.
1GLF1 AEM Holdings, Inc.
1GVT4 MegaPhase, LLC
1HCD4 Lancaster Avionics Inc.
1HFE7 Logistical Support, LLC.
1HL09 DE-STA-CO Industries
1HLD9 Mil-Pac Technology, Inc.
1HN57 Metro Crown International Inc.
1HNZ8 Inertial Aerospace Services, Inc.
1HUX5 DIMO Corp.
1HV13 Air New Zealand Engineering Services, Ltd.
1HV74 Rentfrow, Inc.
1HX07 Para-Phernalia, Inc.
1J2T1 SpaceDev, Inc.
1J5G2 Southern Air Repair Corp.
1J6T6 Precision Avionics & Instruments
1JDN3 Austin Aerotech, Inc.
1JG31 Da-Green Electronics Ltd.
1JKS9 Aero Specialties Material Corp.
1JS80 Tech-Aire Instruments, Inc.
1JSZ6 Avionica, Inc.
1JT69 Kenig Aerospace
1JT69 Kenig Aerospace, Florida
1JVC3 Solers
1JW69 Hye Tech Manufacturing LLC
1K040 David Aviation, Inc.
1K050 Beechhurst Industries Inc., Aviation Div.
1K7M0 North Star Aerospace, Inc.
1KFN8 Helicopter Support, Inc.
1KND7 Airline Graphics, Inc.
1KNU9 Alliance Spacesystems Inc.
1KYJ6 Aero Pneudraulics, Inc.
1L160 Superior Washer & Gasket Corp.
1L1J6 Tektite Industries, Inc.
1L312 Bush Field Aviation Services
1L3Y5 AcousticFab, Inc.
1LA30 Aero Shade Technologies, Inc.
1LC86 Higher Power Aviation, Inc.
1LE67 Bruce’s Custom Covers
1LFPD Aerosafe Products, Inc.
1LGE7 H3R Aviation, Inc.
1LGV8 Tethers Unlimited, Inc.
1LHR8 Aerodyne Corp.
1LLL1 Propulsion Supply Group, Inc.
1LLM3 Sierra Nevada Corp.
1LP50 Worthington Aviation Parts, Inc.
1LQH8 Online Technology Exchange, Inc.
1LRB4 Synaps, Inc.
1LT11 RJ Enterprise, Inc.
1LVA3 Airline Container Leasing
1LX31 Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc.
1M0K3 Data Conversion Laboratory, Inc.
1M2T3 Innovative Power Solutions, LLC
1M6L9 Total Aircraft Services, Inc.
1MEG1 MWT-Materials, Inc.
1MFE1 Dysol, Inc.
1MNC2 A. J. Dralle, Inc.
1MRE7 Pelseal Technologies, LLC
1N6J9 Aero Direct, Inc.
1N7C1 Ocean Air, Inc.
1NCV1 Aerofil, Inc.
1NES4 Aydin Displays, Inc.
1NGN1 Omega Aerospace Suppliers Corp.
1NMFG Richwood Industries Inc.
1NNP8 AdaCore Technologies
1NSE4 XKD/Aydin Displays
1NUW4 Aircraft Consultants, Inc.
1NVU8 Hi-Tech Welding Services Inc.
1NWJ0 SimAuthor, Inc.
1P065 Flexi-Wall Systems
1P175 Composites Unlimited, Inc.
1P492 National Process Industries
1PCG8 Denver Air Support, Inc.
1PT53 E.D.N. Aviation, Inc.
1PWG7 Nelson Engineering, Inc.
1Q2B0 Regent Aerospace Corp.
1Q4K5 The IFM Group LLC
1Q5N3 The ServiCenter, Inc.
1QCB8 Able Engineering & Component Services, Inc.
1QCY2 Owl Aerospace Inc.
1QZU2 Jerry Thompson & Associates, Inc.
1R0A9 Jetline Spares Support Inc.
1R1F6 Comjet International Inc.
1R5H9 Snow Aviation International, Inc.
1R5Y1 Summit Aerospace
1R6B0 Aero Propulsion Support, Inc.
1R7N8 Aero Products Component Services
1R8A5 IN-EROS, Corp.
1RM96 Fortbrand Services, Inc.
1RMP5 Riegl USA, Inc.
1RWE9 Triumph Aftermarket Services Div.
1RWL9 ID Integration Inc.
1S0D1 Texas Pneumatic Systems Inc.
1S353 Specialty Hose Aerospace Corp.
1S353 Specialty Hose Corp.
1S852 RENZCO, Inc.
1SN56 Approved Aeronautics LLC
1SNS7 Airline Accessory Service Co., LLC
1SOF5 Turbine Fuel Systems, Inc.
1SQC4 Main Line Corp.
1SSK9 SWS-Trimac, Inc.
1STY0 Kaytech Industries Corp.
1T014 B & S Aircraft Alloys, Inc.
1T046 Aerotron AirPower, Inc.
1T054 Jet International Co., L.L.C.
1T2R4 Airo Industries Co.
1T2Y7 Dean Baldwin Painting, LP
1T664 WRG Corp.
1T765 Robertson Aviation, LLC
1T775 Creative Pathways, Inc.
1T897 Patrick V. Gough Co., Inc.
1TC00 Aeropia, Inc.
1TGN3 Yokohama Aerospace America, Inc.
1TLK8 Aircraft Propeller Service Inc.
1TLT7 Aerosphere Aviation Services, Inc.
1TM03 Air Transport Technologies, Inc.
1TQN0 Messier-Bugatti-Tracer
1TUX9 Progressive Alloy Steels Unlimited
1TWE9 Coastal Aerospace, Inc.
1TXU4 Software Leverage, Inc.
1TZL5 AAE Ltd.
1U261 Baker Avionics Inc.
1U595 Universal Technologies Corp.
1U811 SRB Technologies Inc.
1U9C2 Aircrafters, Inc.
1UGB2 Air BP Lubricants
1UHX1 Aircraft Engineering & Installation Services
1UK99 Comjet Systems Corp.
1URQ6 Interface Aviation, Inc.
1UT37 Accurate Accessories Llc
1UVJ1 Pentagon 2000 Software, Inc.
1UW63 Counter-Intelligence Services
1V2E4 Texas Air Composites, Inc.
1V2F7 Avionics Support Group, Inc.
1V630 McCaffrey Associates
1V654 Weco Instrument Services Div.
1V654 Weco Aerospace Systems, Inc.
1V6Y1 Kawak Aviation Technologies
1V743 Intersky Precision Instruments, Inc.
1V757 Wesco Aircraft Hardware Corp.
1V7M2 Tradewind International LLC
1V7Y4 Eaton, Aerospace Operations
1V824 Northern Fiber Glass Sales, Inc.
1V8T8 Greenpoint Technologies, Inc.
1VGK7 AvCorp International, Inc.
1VK02 Genesis Aviation, Inc.
1VL14 Par-Kan Co.
1VLZ7 International Weighing Systems
1VNG2 Ultimate Aircraft Composites Corp.
1VTS6 Aerotex International, Inc.
1VVA3 Prime Turbines, Inc.
1VWD6 Air Transport Components
1VY65 Emerson Network Power
1VZD3 Midway Industrial Electronics
1W5H9 Aviation Recruiting Inc.
1W7Z2 Thermocouple USA Inc.
1WAN0 FreeFlight Systems Ltd.
1WDG7 Saywell International Inc.
1WDV2 Berkley International, Inc.
1WEZ4 Rotorcraft Enterprises
1WFE2 Morten Beyer & Agnew, Inc.
1WFQ3 Elite Aerospace, Inc.
1WJ11 Agile Access Control, Inc.
1WKR4 Marvel Aero International, Inc.
1WN56 Evans Composites, Inc.
1X105 EDCO, Inc.
1XBR7 Trowin Industries, Inc.
1XCQ6 Aircraft Technologies Inc.
1XLJ1 Vid-Air Services, Inc.
1XLP6 Aircraft Power Systems
1XMK7 International Aerospace Products
1XQM9 Heritage Aviation, Ltd.
1XVG4 La Tella Avionics Co.
1XXD7 Atech Turbine Components Inc.
1Y249 AAR Defense Systems & Logistics
1Y821 Air Shunt Instruments, Inc.
1Y8YY Frequency Electronics, Inc.
1YB91 EB Airfoils, LLC
1YC23 Midwest-Dynamatic Dynamometer
1YHJ0 Objective Industries
1YKR6 Infinity Trading Solutions
1YNF3 Heli-Trade Corp.
1YNR4 ASM Aerospace Specification Metals, Inc.
1YQ22 Altair Avionics Corp.
1YQY1 Redeye Aerospace
1YRX6 PF Fishpole Hoists
1YVK6 Trimillennium Corp.
1YW97 Stewart Industries International, L.L.C.
1Z053 Seco/Warwick Corp.
1Z496 AP Labs
1Z506 D3 Technologies, Inc.
1ZHA5 AvDuct Worldwide
1ZHT9 AeroQuest, Inc.
1ZJY4 The IPL Group, LLC
20019 Ward Leonard Electric Co., Inc.
20049 The Electric Tachometer Corp.
20058 Groban International, Inc.
20418 Rantec Power Systems, Inc.
20441 Powell Electronics, Inc.
20636 Valley Metals
20722 Entwistle Co., Kenett Hydraulic Distribution
20886 Compro
20R71 Schorr Aviation Multimedia
21213 Schneller, Llc
21214 McClain International, Inc.
21222 Paragon Precision, Inc.
21225 STADCO
21267 ITW Chemtronics
21361 B & B Tritech, Inc.
21392 Preece Inc.
21405 Sherwin, Inc.
21424 Relay Specialties, Inc.
21439 Engineered Arresting Systems Co.
21468 Brooktronics Engineering Corp.
21540 Precision Gear, Inc.
21649 Otto Controls
21793 EADS North America Defense Test &
Services, Inc.
21799 Remmele Engineering, Inc.
21802 American Science & Engineering, Inc.
340 m 5 mfr. d 5 dstr. r 5 repair/overhaul s 5 svc. ‘5 Military Supplier f 5 Small Business v 5 Small Disadvantaged Business
21844 Barfield Inc.
21845 Solitron Devices, Inc.
21847 FEI Microwave, Inc.
21849 Nasco Aircraft Brake, Inc.
21856 Centroid, Inc.
21861 Dynamic Signals
21875 Acutronic USA Inc.
21890 Smiths Tubular Systems
21930 Flodyne Controls, Inc.
21966 TDL, Inc.
22013 TIGHITCO, Inc.
22121 Magnolia Plastics, Inc.
22175 J & M Products, Inc.
22176 Stellex Bandy Machining, Inc.
22277 Bell-Memphis, Inc.
22281 New York Twist Drill, Inc.
22380 DRS Data & Imaging Systems Inc.
22447 Plantronics, Inc.
22457 M. C. Gill Corp.
22463 Turbine Engine Components Technologies
22525 Aerodome Industries, Inc.
22540 Coventry Manufacturing Co., Inc.
22551 Southwest Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
22567 Cartridge Actuated Devices Inc.
22658 Fleming Steel Co.
22740 Cobon Plastics Corp.
22773 Esco Products, Inc.
22860 Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc.
22861 Joyce Telectronics Corp.
22863 Kavlico
22907 Northstar Aerospace-Chicago
22938 PDI Ground Support Systems, Inc.
22978 Ultra Electronics Measurement Systems Inc.
23042 Trilithic Wireless Div.
23090 Steward-Davis International, Inc.
23095 West-Wind Aviation Ltd.
23162 Frazier Aviation, Inc.
23163 GKN Aerospace - Chem-Tronics, Inc.
23175 Blast Deflectors, Inc.
23231 Flo-tech
23261 UTE Microwave, Inc.
23280 Custom Electronics, Inc.
23296 Applied Aerospace Structures Corp.
23380 Galaxy Control Systems
23384 International Machine & Tool Corp.
23386 Thales Communications Inc.
23471 Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group
23480 Electronic Hardware Corp.
23582 MKS Instruments, Inc.
23663 Joslyn Electronic Systems Corp.
23837 WGI, Inc.
23899 J. W. Manufacturing, Inc.
23908 Berkeley Nucleonics Corp.
24008 B & E Tool Co., Inc.
24027 Calmont Wire & Cable
24032 Aero Bending Co., Inc.
24038 Sigma-Netics, Inc.
24115 Palmer Manufacturing Co., Inc.
24173 Albany International
24235 Williams International
24239 Prodesco, Inc.
2423G MESIT Holding AS
2423G MESIT pristroje spol. s. r. o.
24363 Executive Instruments, Inc.
24398 Eagle Tool & Machine Co., Inc.
24403 Enidine Inc.
24434 Skyline Industries, Inc.
24469 Herley Industries, Inc.
24494 General Nucleonics Inc.
24576 Pacific Scientific
24586 Globe Engineering Co., Inc.
24600 Nortech Systems, Inc., Aerospace Systems
24647 Winfield Brooks Co., Inc.
24664 Jonal Laboratories
24692 Hartzell Propeller, Inc.
24699 Opamp-Labs, Inc.
24708 QED/inc.
24735 Semco Instruments, Inc.
24855 The Heckerman Corp.
24867 Lawrence Electronics Co.
24930 Gilfillan
24984 Hydraflow
24995 ECS Composites
25120 MtronPTI
25167 Hi-Temp Insulation
25204 Parmatic Filter Corp.
25213 Root Spring Scraper Co.
25337 Ralmark Co.
25413 Betatronix Llc.
25515 Continental Disc Corp.
25531 Space Machine & Engineering Corp.
25634 Kevlin Corp.
25656 DBP Microwave
25693 Meggitt Safety Systems, Inc.
25706 Daburn Electronics & Cable Corp.
25709 GOW-MAC Instrument Co.
25714 Vermillion, Inc.
25957 Colorado Video, Inc.
25965 Xantrex Technology Inc.
25965 Xantrex Technology Inc., Sorensen
26014 Gar Electroforming
26044 Gar-Kenyon Technologies
26055 Parker Aerospace, Electronic Systems
26101 Triumph Accessory Services
26199 Johnson Technology, Inc.
26233 Nylok Corp.
26269 U.S. Dynamics Corp.
26275 United Rotary Brush Corp.
26357 Microwave Applications Group
26501 Grover Products Co.
26502 Goodrich Corp., Electro-Optical Systems (ISR
26519 Heco Div./Barker Rockford Co.
26548 BAE SYSTEMS, Technical Services
26612 Gurley Precision Instruments
26647 Wencor
26840 Hale Products Inc.
27034 Wall Colmonoy (San Antonio)
27045 Adams Rite Aerospace
27385 Viatran Corp.
27408 Tyler Camera Systems
27478 Harbour Industries, Inc.
27520 Control Products Corp.
27528 Progressive Technologies, Inc.
27541 Transaero, Inc.
27596 Jonard Industries Corp.
27661 TBM Inc.
27674 Zep Manufacturing Co.
27747 Brittain Industries, Inc.
27802 Vectron International
27821 Paco Plastics & Engineering Inc.
27834 Microwave Filter Co., Inc.
27878 Eaton Aerospace, Sensing & Controls-Costa
27920 GE Sensing
27963 General Dynamic Advanced Information
27978 SDB Consultants Ltd.
28013 Hilman, Inc.
28014 General Plastics Manufacturing Co.
28044 M/RAD Corp.
28063 Wall Colmonoy (Oklahoma)
28064 Wall Colmonoy Corp.
28069 Mallory Industries, Inc.
28118 Helwig Carbon Products, Inc.
28198 Positronic Industries
28231 Lipps Inc.
28338 L & L Special Furnace Co., Inc.
28427 Thermax/CDT-Barcel Div.
28445 R. E. Darling Co., Inc.
28495 Hydra Corp. - USA
28527 ITT Industries, Defense Electronics &
Services, Electronic Systems
28569 Hickok, Inc.
28596 Arrow Gear Co.
28971 Chromalloy Oklahoma
28977 Accurate Precision Fasteners Corp.
29183 GSE Dynamics, Inc.
29192 Olympus NDT Inc.
29215 Jenny Products, Inc.
29227 Hecht Rubber Corp.
29289 Aero Space Controls Corp.
29371 Moog, Inc., Schaeffer Magnetics Div.
29632 Phoenix Aerospace, Inc.
29648 Brailsford & Co., Inc.
29780 MAG Aerospace
29784 California Drop Forge, Inc.
29804 K. H. Huppert Co., Inc.
29808 Time Aviation Services
29808 Time Aviation Services, Manufacturing Div.
29867 Detoronics Corp.
29877 Coorstek-Edwards Enterprises
29957 The NORDAM Group
29957 NORDAM, The Repair Div.
29965 Arvan, Inc.
2A235 Pacific Coast Engine & Parts, Inc.
2A289 MIC Group
2A334 R. A. Rodriguez, Inc.
2A417 Specialty Tires of America
2A617 Goodyear Aviation Tires
2A981 Allied International Corp.
2A981 Allied International Corp., Acoustic Div.
2AC3Z Tower Aerospace Inc.
2B195 Marine Air Supply Co., Inc.
2B618 Spacecraft Components Corp.
2B733 Hartzell Propeller, Inc.
2B816 Dixie Air Parts Supply, Inc.
2B982 Complete Technical Representation, Inc.
2C036 MHD International Aviation Parts Inc.
2D671 Airbus Industrie China
2F262 Oceaneering Space Systems
2J042 Alison Control, Inc.
2J622 Sanmina-SCI Corp.
2J622 SCI Technology, Inc.
2J754 Hanson Rivet & Supply Co., Inc.
2J881 Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies, Inc.
2K262 Boyd Corp.
2K570 Optim, Inc.
2L671 TGH-The Gyro House
2L913 Aero Tire & Tank L.L.C.
2L913 Dallas Centerline Wheel & Brake
2M223 White Engineering Surfaces Corp.
2M953 Custom Products, Inc.
2N291 Connector Distribution Corp.
2N386 Hydraulics International, Inc.
2N512 Aerotron AirPower, Inc.
2N935 M & M Aerospace Hardware, Inc.
2P953 Lemo USA Inc.
2R602 Astrolite Alloys
2S109 Satair
2S720 Atlas Aerospace Accessories Inc.
2S951 Flight Suits Ltd.
2T011 Koch Metal Spinning Co., Inc.
2T123 Aviation Instrument Service International,
2U023 Satellite International Corp.
2V320 Flame Enterprises Inc.
2W033 Dytran Instruments, Inc.
2W243 Tecplot Inc.
2W651 Scot Forge
2X649 Mayday Aviation Inc.
2X920 Lee Air, Inc.
2Y363 IMI-Israel Military Industries Ltd.
2Y603 Crest Foam Industries, Inc.
2Y841 Guardian Rivet & Fastener Inc.
30120 Ideal Aerosmith, Inc.
30188 McDermott Associates Inc.
30218 Schenck Trebel Corp.
30242 AVTECH Corp.
30256 Dynamold, Inc.
30381 American Jet Engine Co., Inc.
30463 ElecSys Div. DCX-CHOL Enterprises, Inc.
30467 Aeroflash Signal
30525 Rocal Corp.
30568 Hollingsead International, Inc.
305C9 Flight Deck Resources, Inc.
30662 Cherokee Tool & Engineering Co. Inc.
30765 Precision Forgings, Inc.
30765 Valley Technologies, Inc.
30781 Parker Hannifin Corp. Seal Group,
Engineered Polymer Systems Div., Salt Lake
City Operations
30782 Northrop Grumman Corp., Navigation
Systems Division
30842 Bayjet, Inc.
30889 Eriks Southwest
30901 Air Technical Industries
30974 Aerofit, Inc.
30974 APT Laboratory, Inc.
30PW7 Ceradyne Thermo Materials
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31025 Kinetic Systems, Inc.
31068 Dutch Valley Supply Co.
31085 R-V Metal Fabricating, Inc.
31106 Instrument Technology, Inc.
31130 Special Optics
311A3 Proxy Aviation Systems, Inc.
31218 Goodrich Corp., Aircraft Interior Products
31218 Goodrich Corp., Aircraft Interior Products
(Interiors), Specialty Seating Systems
31222 Bild Industries, Inc.
31272 ANCRA International LLC
31293 University Swaging Corp.
31327 Penta Financial Inc.
31340 Birken Manufacturing Co.
31415 Santa Fe Textiles/CDT
31417 Barnes Aerospace, Windsor Div.
31433 Kemet Electronics Corp.
31435 Engine Control & Electrical Power Systems,
Electrical Power Systems (Engine Control &
Electrical Power Systems)
31450 BAI, Inc.
31461 Electro Adapter Companies
31563 Mu-Del Electronics, Inc.
31639 Universal Aircraft Parts Inc.
31645 Goodrich Corp., Cargo Systems (Interiors)
31669 Pico Electronics, Inc.
31717 Telo, Inc.
31810 Schwartz Precision Gear Co.
31882 Astromec, Inc.
31902 VSE Corp.
31946 Cole Instrument Corp.
31991 Soltec Corp.
32042 Micropump, Inc.
32218 Gammon Technical Products, Inc.
32245 Aerospace Optics, Inc.
32255 Datron Advanced Technologies Div.
32268 California Swaging & Cable Products Co.
32302 Tri-Tech of Florida, Inc.
32333 Melcor Corp.
32339 Computer Optics Inc.
32424 Elcom Systems, Inc.
32500 EDO Fiber Science
32526 Stinar Corp.
32620 Excelsior, Inc.
32664 Aerometals
32771 Vep-Value Engineered Products
32818 Triumph Fabrications - Fort Worth, Inc.
32834 Micro-Surface Finishing Products, Inc.
32873 Newport Electronics, Inc.
32890 Luminescent Systems Inc.
32908 Malwin Electronics Corp.
32953 PowerTech, Inc.
32970 Aircraft Parts Corp.
33005 Jewell Instruments, LLC
33095 Spectrum Control, Inc.
33173 MPD Components, Inc.
33256 Sipex Corp.
33281 Matrix Systems Corp.
33381 F & B Mfg. Co.
33447 Seco Seals Co. Inc.
33476 Telegenix, Inc.
33493 U B Corp.
33541 Chromalloy Castings Tampa Corp.
33564 Henkel Corp. Aerospace
33577 Saturn Industries, Inc.
33592 MITEQ, Inc.
33604 PerkinElmer Optoelectronics
33617 Electro-Methods, Inc.
33628 Alden O. Sherman Co., Inc.
33670 Perry Technology Corp.
33703 Sterling Engineering Corp.
33714 ETC Simulation Division
33714 ETC Simulation Group
33780 T M Industries
33882 Tube Processing Corp.
33980 Kahn Industries Inc.
33EH5 navAero, Inc.
34003 Westmont Industries
34087 Kitco Inc.
34107 Farwest Aircraft Inc.
34163 Aerospace Systems & Components, Inc.
34222 HiRel Connectors, Inc.
34274 Greenhill Supply, LLC
34363 Aremco Products, Inc.
34488 Astro Aerospace
34500 Avia Technique Ltd.
34568 Tiodize/Michigan, Inc.
34568 Tiodize Co., Inc.
34646 Ladish Co. Inc.
34696 4 Flight Industries
34747 Haigh-Farr, Inc.
34830 Rogerson Kratos
34851 SpaceAge Control, Inc.
34860 Northrop Grumman Corp., Laser Systems
3492A Aero Sekur S.p.A.
34HR6 Aeroval, Inc.
35076 Aircraft Appliances & Equipment Ltd.
35425 The Lectroetch Co.
35582 ICOM U.K. Ltd.
35733 Lenox Instrument Co.
35844 Andrew Canada Inc.
35895 Air Canada, Material Sales Div.
35918 Horizon Aerospace
35918 Flightline Electronics, Inc.
35951 Bristol Aerospace Ltd.
35992 Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.
35994 Rolls-Royce Canada Ltd.
36164 Heroux Devtek Inc.
36213 Standard Aero Ltd.
36334 Indal Technologies Inc.
36453 Presentey Engineering Products Ltd.
36480 Northstar Aerospace (Canada) Inc.
36483 Haley Industries Ltd.
36718 Patlon Aircraft & Industries Ltd.
36929 Northern Aero Industries Ltd.
36WJ4 Renk Labeco Test Systems Corp.
37078 Lowell Corp.
37136 C-Tech Ltd.
37184 Avcorp Industries Inc.
37201 Luma Electric Co.
37338 Nautel Ltd.
37463 Mustang Survival Corp.
37643 Mustang Survival, Inc.
37935 Canadian Airmotive Ltd.
37948 Proceco Ltd.
37950 Hypernetics Ltd.
37957 EMS Technologies Canada, Ltd.
37NT3 GCH Services LLC
38002 Nav-Aids Ltd.
38055 Fell-Fab Limited
3810G Interturbine Czechia s.r.o.
38178 Radian Communication Services
38183 Optotek Ltd.
38202 Atlantis Systems International
38242 Liquid Controls, LC
38311 Kaycom Inc.
38443 MRC Bearings
38473 EMS Satcom
38501 Robin Aerospace Products Ltd.
38529 Aerotech Herman Nelson, Inc.
38546 Technisonic Industries Ltd.
38562 Armstrong Monitoring Corp.
38655 Unisource Technology, Inc.
38661 StrataFLEX Corp.
38664 Martindale Electric Co.
39052 Avianor, Inc.
39052 Mirabel Aero Service, Inc.
39211 Interfast Inc., Aerospace Group
39212 Plascore, Inc.
39443 McWilliams Forge Co., Inc.
39739 Meriam Instrument
397C5 Alimex GmbH
39812 The EF Precision Group
39840 Vertiflite, Inc.
39GL5 Aerodis, Inc.
3A3G4 All Weather, Inc.
3A910 Southwest United Industries, Inc.
3A9H8 Pac West Helicopters
3AC69 Aerosystems International Inc.
3AG34 AkteLUX
3AH35 Advanced Composite Structures Inc.
3AJ00 Emco Wheaton Corp.
3AJ04 Cadorath Aerospace Inc.
3AJ25 Square Peg Communications, Inc.
3AL09 Merrill Engineering (2003) Ltd.
3AL64 Dart Aerospace Ltd.
3AN94 Western Propeller (Pacific) Ltd.
3AP83 Navhouse Corp.
3AT59 Aero Stock Inc.
3AT83 Mxi Technologies
3AXV1 Gas Turbines International, LLC
3AZ95 CAG Industries
3B7NC Parachute Shop, Inc.
3B9Z1 WGI, Inc.
3BHM0 JET Repair Center, Inc.
3C043 Kutta Consulting
3CDP2 Kinetic Structures Corp.
3CEB2 Quality Perforating Inc.
3CJS5 Future Aviation, Inc.
3CT77 Omni Aerospace, Inc.
3D523 Watkins & Associates Inc.
3DAA4 FlightSource, Inc.
3DAW1 M7 Aerospace LP
3DBN7 Haskon Aerospace
3DBP9 A.L.F. Enterprises, Inc.
3DBS6 TurboJet Partners, Inc.
3DKL6 Angiolaz, Inc.
3DQ63 All West Aviation Services, Inc.
3DSQ8 Frontier Technologies
3DSZ3 Z.I. Chemicals
3EHQ8 Thrust-Tech Aviation, Inc.
3EJV6 Black Lion Aviation
3ELY2 Piedmont Aviation Component Services, LLC
3EM17 ISO Parts
3EVG0 Summit Aerospace Supply, Inc.
3F685 Liberty Engineering
3F8K3 Approved Air Parts Co., Inc.
3FAH3 Triumph Accessory Services-Grand Prairie
3FMG8 Valade Precision Machining Co., Inc.
3FNL1 Aviation Records Corp.
3FWX2 AeroSat
3G3R4 BG & S Peening & Consulting LLC
3GET4 Andrea Systems LLC
3GTY4 Magellan Aerospace Turbine Services, LLC
3GV42 Aviation Technical Services, Inc.
3GWV3 Cosairus
3GX14 Global Finishing Solutions
3H464 Bollhoff Rivnut, Inc.
3H4V7 James S. Priamos Productions, Inc.
3H670 Britt Metal Processing, Inc.
3H683 International Precision Inc.
3H7W7 Hot Section Technologies, Inc.
3HCP9 American Jet Industries
3HGV5 Argon ST Inc., Imaging Group
3HUB7 Aerospace Technologies Group, Inc.
3J268 ECS-Electrical & Construction Specialists
3J310 Foamex International, Inc.
3J433 American Aerospace Corp.
3J805 Auxitrol Co.
3JXJ0 GA Telesis, LLC
3K5X6 Hawthorne Services, Inc.
3K723 Weber Aircraft, LP, Passenger Seat Div.
3K723 Weber Aircraft, LP
3K956 First Class Air Support
3KAX8 Pulsco
3KFT6 United Turbine Technologies, Inc.
3KKA6 Helitune USA
3KZU1 RCO Engineering, Inc.
3L3Q9 Aviation Concepts, Inc.
3L966 Bayjet, Inc.
3LBA0 Specialty Coatings, Inc.
3LRH7 Illumination Science, Inc.
3M476 Com-Jet Corp., Aircraft Systems
3M833 Transupport, Inc.
3M841 Bell Aerospace Services, Inc.
3MF05 RCS Rocket Motor Components, Inc.
3MMG1 Safe Flight, Inc.
3N525 Test Equipment Distributors, LLC
3N810 Precise Power Corp.
3P014 Soloy, LLC
3P193 Arch Metals & Materials Corp.
3P253 Air-Pro, Inc.
3PLD2 Johnston Test Cell Group, LLC
3Q129 Turbine Support Services, Inc.
3R006 Oxley Inc.
3R6R9 Dynatech Aerospace
3R890 Master Magnetics, Inc.
3S042 Corporate Service Supply & Manufacturing
3T1Z4 Sandel Avionics
342 m 5 mfr. d 5 dstr. r 5 repair/overhaul s 5 svc. ‘5 Military Supplier f 5 Small Business v 5 Small Disadvantaged Business
3T259 Contour Aerospace Corp.
3T336 Scotia Technology
3T498 Redi Haul Trailers, Inc.
3T949 LP Aero Plastics, Inc.
3T9C4 V & M Plating Co.
3THJ9 PPI Aerospace Acquisition, LLC
3TTG6 Homeland Security Strategies Inc.
3U629 Flight International Aviation, LLC
3UMU2 Friedman Aviation Enterprises
3UPP9 Max Avionics, LLC
3V203 Hurlen Corp.
3V4S6 Precision Components, Inc.
3V635 Cable Specialties, Inc.
3V976 Volvo Aero Services LP-Engine Div.
3W2E6 3Chem Corp.
3W485 Electronics Inc.
3WGN2 NAT Seattle
3X386 Aerofab Corp.
3X699 ACES Systems
3X836 Tube Processing Corp.
3XRG8 Halvorson Engineering
3Y015 AAR Aircraft Component Services-New York
3Y332 International Aircraft Associates, Inc.
3Y747 Kayton Engineering Co.
3Y8X5 AEi Systems LLC
3YPQ5 Aerospace Executive Support Service. LLC
3Z166 Aviation Materials Management, Inc.
3ZMC4 AirWorks
40397 Midwest-Dynamatic Dynamometer
40460 Isolair Inc.
40581 Aeromax Industries Inc.
40638 Shriver & Holland Associates
40920 Timken Aerospace & Super Precision-Europa
40920 Timken Super Precision (MPB), Timken
Super Precision (MPB)
41118 RMS, Electrical Connector Div.
41364 Aeroflex Inc.
41588 Weston Aerospace
41843 Hobart Ground Power
41904 Bruntons Aero Products Ltd.
42888 Celab Ltd.
42931 Soundair, Inc.
42931 Soundair Repair Group, LLC
42931 Soundair, Inc., Aircraft Aftermarket Group,
42RE8 Indianapolis Jet Center
43424 MFC Survival Ltd.
43629 Newark Wire Cloth Co.
43730 Core, Inc.
44185 NMC-Wollard
44270 Holt Integrated Cicuits
44530 The Specialty Bulb Co., Inc.
44850 NI Aircraft Leasing Corp.
44UG4 AeroSat
44V16 Global Equipment Mktg. Inc., Magnetics
45402 Pacific Scientific HTL/Kin-Tech Div.
45426 Armour of America
45828 Gemini Electronic Components Inc.
45830 H S Electronics, Inc.
45934 Ontic Engineering & Manufacturing Inc.
45X75 Herber Aircraft Service, Inc.
46381 California Radomes Inc.
46601 Synergistics Inc.
46605 MTC Industries & Research Carmiel Ltd.
46CJ0 Mercy Airlift
47181 Dynamic Instruments, Inc.
47186 Hammonds Technical Services, Inc.
47302 Ferguson Metals
47838 Pandanus International, Inc.
47907 Airfoil Technologies Ohio
48313 BC Systems Inc.
48432 Myton Industries, Inc.
48620 Princo Instruments, Inc.
48818 Chestnut Ridge Foam, Inc.
48AB0 RPM Technology, LLC
49101 Moore Tool Co.
49424 The Pyrometer Instrument Co., Inc.
49588 SBE, Inc.
49623 Merlin Engineering Technologies, Inc.
497Y0 Bron Aerotech Inc.
49816 Aerostar International, Inc.
49826 Sound Components Supply Inc.
49MM9 Silver Cloud Manufacturing
49U11 Perrone Leather, LLC
4A1Y9 Inflight Warning Systems, Inc.
4A766 Aero Hardware & Parts Co., Inc.
4A887 AMETEK Aerospace & Defense, Service
Operations, Distribution & Repair
4AAF5 American Connector Corp.
4AMN8 Air Cargo Equipment
4B151 Brush Wellman Inc.
4BYP5 Avionics & Systems Integration Group, LLC
4D244 Leo A. Daly
4D9C1 Flite Components, LLC
4E208 Bergdahl Associates, Inc.
4E2K3 Aerosup Inc.
4E4A4 Transformational Space Corp.
4E769 Jorgensen Forge
4EAV2 Hart Aviation Consulting, Inc.
4ECA5 Hawthorne Services, Inc.
4ET95 Air Concepts Repair Technologies, Inc.
4EZG6 Alcoa-SIE Cargo Conversions, LLC
4F124 Aircraft Fasteners International, LLC
4F3N9 Aviation Repair Solutions, Inc.
4F946 ARES, Inc.
4FHA9 Quatro Composites
4G088 Keytech Engineering Services
4G088 Keystone Helicopter Corp., Helicopter
Services Div.
4G088 Keystone Flight Services
4G088 Keystone Helicopter Corp., Engine Services
4G210 Fortner Accessory Service Corp.
4G316 Dynatech Turbine Services, Inc.
4G712 Hughes Supply
4H712 Sealing Devices Inc.
4J596 Masco Sweepers, Inc.
4JN88 Tri-Star Technologies
4K279 Christopher Tool & Manufacturing, Co.
4K2A7 HeliValues, Inc.
4K700 H. H. Mercer, Inc.
4KW03 Interturbine Logistik GmbH - USA /
4M407 DeWAL Industries, Inc.
4M631 Logistic Specialties, Inc.
4N124 James A. Staley Co.
4N259 Laz Tool & Manufacturing
4N727 Smiths Aerospace Mechanical
Systems-Santa Ana, Inc.
4N746 Liftex, Inc.
4N8T6 Photonic Cleaning Technologies
4N985 Commerce Overseas Corp.
4NV79 RMS Aerospace, Inc.
4P013 Hexcel Corp.
4P553 Air Dallas Instruments, Inc.
4P5R8 Co-Operative Industries Aerospace &
4R003 General Ruby & Sapphire Co.
4R064 Reliance Merchandising
4S681 Parker-TexLoc
4T037 Precision Airparts Support Services, Inc.
4T572 Sabreliner Corp.
4TBQ4 AeroSat
4U036 Securitron Magnalock Corp.
4U140 Advanced Composite Products & Technology
4U239 PRI Research & Development
4U536 Floats & Fuel Cells
4U931 Aeroflex International
4V119 Envirotronics
4V360 General Atomics
4V426 Millimeter Wave Technology, Inc.
4V614 Safety Training Systems, Inc.
4V792 Collins Avionics Applications Center
4W099 Pulse Instruments
4W715 Linear Technology Corp.
4W938 Northern Power Systems
4X188 Central Machining Specialties, Inc.
4X231 Pifer’s Airmotive, Inc.
4X3W4 Hawk Aviation Maintenance Services, Inc.
4X512 Ferguson Metals, Inc.
4XXJ5 Classic Coil Co.
4Y021 Firth Rixson Forged Metals
4Y309 Morgan Bros. of Everett, Inc.
4Y309 Morgan Aero Products
4YXL7 Transport Risk Management
4Z321 Test Devices, Inc.
4Z487 AACO, Inc.
4Z689 Transtar Metals, Inc.
4Z7A9 Aero Standard Calibration LP
4Z977 MilesTek Corp.
4ZZ51 Red River Turbines LLC
50027 Flightline Electronics, Inc.
50207 Chrisbarry Aircraft Corp.
50223 Micro-Radian Instruments
50250 Timken Super Precision (MPB)
50255 Unison Engine Components-Wilkes-Barre
50294 New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Precision
Bearings Div.
50356 TEAC Aerospace Technologies
50462 Tks Simplex
50478 Vertex RSI Microwave Division
50509 Dielectric Sciences, Inc.
50540 REV Industries
50540 Magnetic Radiation Laboratories, Inc.
50541 Hypertronics Corp.
50554 Metro Machine Works, Inc.
50561 Woven Electronics
50599 Stratoflex Products Div.
50599 Resistoflex
50601 Loud Engineering & Manufacturing
50632 Kamatics Corp.
50643 L-3 Communications - Randtron Antenna
50705 Progress Casting Group, Inc.
50721 Murata Power Solutions, Inc.
50821 Interpoint Corp./Crane Aerospace &