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Founded in 1990 as a computer technology export and sourcing company, Interbyte's strategy and activities evolved to those similar to a 専門商社 (senmon-shosha), a Japanese trading firm with expertise in the international business of specific industries.  Since formation, Interbyte has developed a unique range of experience, in the Technology, Scientific, Aerospace, Military and Energy industries.

For companies looking to source Military products Interbyte Military offers a simplified and quality driven 'One-Stop' import process.  Foreign government agencies and larger companies can consolidate many purchases into one.  This reduces risk and the time consuming process of managing multiple purchase orders.

Interbyte clients will:

- Save Time and Money
Interbyte can quote and deliver a large selection of products.  You can reduce the number of vendors and purchases for a single PO, saving time, money and paperwork.

- Get the Right Products at the Right Time
You will not receive the wrong product because we understand product specifications in foreign languages and foreign standards.  We check and verify your product before we ship.  One of the biggest expenses in exporting and importing is correcting errors.  We prevent these errors.

- Avoid having to Cancel and Reissue Purchase Orders:
Interbyte honors its prices and delivery and will not cancel orders.  Out commitments are typically valid for 30 days and longer.  We help prevent the time and expense wasted with canceled and reissued POs.

- Receive Multiple Offers for Requests:
We are not at the mercy of a single supplier, therefore neither are you.

- Only receive Reliable Products:
With Interbyte, you can feel confident and safe, because we are always available and you will always deal with one of the principals.  We use reliable suppliers we can trust and in the case of a problem, our phones are answered by real people who are on standby to help.  Our clients stay with us for decades.

- Have the Option of Financing:
Interbyte is approved by the EX-IM bank for financing small and larger orders.  You do not need to pay in advance or use costly Letters of Credit.

- Benefit from after sales support and services:
We offer our personal assistance with sales support in the case of problems with products, so you don't have to deal with manufacturers who may not offer the same level of service.


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